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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Facts: Ear Pieces

Hey guys. What's up! Do you know this interesting fact about the earpieces you've been using?

Well, sometimes they seem to sound softer than it was expected. It is of course, expected to be higher.

You might have turn on maximum volume. But that won't be loud enough. To get it louder.

Here's what I'll show you. This is kind of like a tutorial so...


Okay just put on your earpieces on as usual. Note: Use only those earpieces that looks like the ones above.

Once you've put it on. Play a game, a video or a music or anything that produces let's say I wanna listen to Bruno Mars' Song...Grenade :D

Yes I know, it's my favourite song, one of it. Here's the song:
 Anyways. Let's get onto it. Now turn your earpiece's stick to your forward position. Like the wire is facing your screen.

Like this:
And yes... I did that myself :P

Couldn't find any good pictures to make it seem like this.

And I even use MS Paint :P Too lazy to do any pro stuff. Sorry...but when you slowly turn it like this, you'll notice that the music starts to get louder and has a clear sound that you'll be able to hear.

So yes, that's it. All you have to do is just that easy.

1. Put on earpieces.
2. Play a music/video/game or any audio
3. Turn earpieces 90 degrees to your front position like this:

And that's well...basically it. It's that simple, I hope you'll be able to enjoy whatever you're doing with this clear volume :D

I forgot how I actually discovered this. But I dunno, I think it was when I was watching movies and I needed the volume to be loud and clear.

So that's what I think it is when I discovered it. enjoy your music or whatever it is. I'm gonna go lay off now.

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