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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Phones compensates

I actually think using phones are nice :) They make me fit the environment. Like whenever I enter the train to head home or school, everyone inside the train is kicking it up on the phones.

So ever since I got a phone right now, everything compensates smoothly. Although whenever I text message someone, I type a lot.

It's not that I love text messaging, it's just that I'm sometimes always informative or that I would be extraneous. Or know? Importance.

I don't simply just want some people to know this and that. I don't really like getting phone numbers from my classmates cuz' almost all of them are a bunch of noisy ass monkeys. 

And they are what I call "low class". They have these really wierd thinkings. Making them kind of being obtused and is rather sometimes senseless.

So I wouldn't get numbers from them. I don't care about their sh**. Only now how to hang out at places and stuff. Defy teachers. 

I also dunno why I have my studies off my head. I dunno why. But I've got to start one of these days. It's been a month and I've not done anything progressive in my studies.

And I can't today cuz' I had a eye that swell. But it's not that bad. Just that the arteries grew onto my eye.

Something like this...
Yeah just like this. But in this case it covers almost the whole sclera. Well almost because I still can see white gaps between the arteries. 

So now my eye is almost at the end of the recovery. Thanks for that :) By the time I wake up tomorrow, everything's gonna be ship shape :D Wait is that right? Ship? I dunno, lol XD

Yeah. Anyways some people were impressed that I got a phone ever since last Tuesday. And those some people would be the ones that I know. 

My teachers, my classmates, my cousins&relatives and pretty much everyone in school. Also my friends of course. 

Awesome :D It'll show that I'm matured. Which I already am before I got this phone. But I think phones personally don't change your maturity. 

Maturity has to start on it's own whether the person decides to or not. So anyways this is just gonna be what my subject is about.

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