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Friday, December 10, 2010

"Agents of Secret Stuff"-ASS vs SINS---offcial nigahiga movie review

This is really funny and all. It's a
mini film made by nigahiga and
Wong Fu Productions. Really funny
and the high school is sort of...uh, how should I say

I mean, it's not like the high school I usually go you know. It's looks more like a community club or something. But I dun really like Melvin, that guy's psycho. I'm telling you, he's really psycho for one character.

Ethan which is act by Ryan Higa. Is really stupid. He kept having that vision of Taylor getting killed and stuff. But it didn't really happened at all.

Besides, the first and the middle part was like normal so Ethan wasn't really good at that. He's like "Oh crap! There's something bad gonna happen" or or " What the hell? That dirt-bag is killing her" or whatever.

I just dunno why but the teacher is too young to be a teacher. I mean like, come on! Doesn't even look like he's grown up into a man or something.

A teacher's job is a adult's job. Not a student's. Well, unless their from college and they're being the class relief teacher.

Alright well, anyways. After you finished watching the movie. Check this out:



"AGENTS OF SECRET STUFF" Offical Movie Trailer