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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Owl City Fireflies Review

I really like this song. It's really pleasant. It's sensational. I love the part where he starts playing and then all the toys all around him came to life.

Usually because he turned on the magic button. I dunno if any piano has this. But if there is, that would be great.

The song is's like a person is down and he's feels so bad that he just wanna let it out. Let's his feelings fly.

And that's really great though. But it just feels sad at the end. He turn off the magic button and all the toys goes dead );

But it's really emotional though. Great song, Owl City...great song. Really touching.

I really love the lyrics too. Here:
Awww...I just can't resist. The song is too good. It's emotional, sensational and nice.

I bet everyone will like listening to this. Thanks Adam, thanks for this song. I hope you feel better.

I hope one day this song goes onto the radio. Wanna hear it at night in the car. Well...this song is dedicated to fireflies lighting up the world.

People think it's beautiful to see them glow. This song is unforgivable. Cuz' it's awesome!

It makes people wanna cry in joy ;)

Once again, thanks for this song, Adam. Thanks I really love it. Alright so you guys can click on the video at the very top to listen to it.

If you already heard of it, play it! :D
If you haven't, play it! :D

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Man I really love this subscribe button. I actually copy the image and paste it onto GIMP and add a transparent layer. And save it as PNG.

And yes, be sure to save it as PNG so that the transparent layer works well.

PNG= Portable Network Graphics.

To know how to add a transparent background in GIMP, watch this video:

For Photoshop, watch this video:
Yeah...sorry about the GIMP version. That one had a little problem with the microphone :P

The Photoshop version is actually easy and yet it's the first video I watch to get this transparent background on Photoshop.

You simply just click the cursor icon and then go to the eraser icon, dun click it. Right-click and click on "Magic Eraser Tool".

Then simply just click on the white background. Ummm... make sure you're not using any other background that has pictures and stuff.

Cuz' that will not add a proper transparent background to your photo. So make sure the background is only WHITE!

For GIMP, it's also easy, quite. What you need to do is go to the top bar. Click on "Layers". Then move your cursor to the Transparency.

And click "Add Alpha Channel". Now click the Magic Wand Tool. Right on the very first column of the toolbox. Then, click on the WHITE background.

Make sure it doesn't go into the picture...or else it'll be ruin. Once you've click that, click on the Delete key.

Once that is'll have your transparent background :D

Alright anyways, yeah...thanks Adam for this awesome song. Love it.

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Bye :)