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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rapunzel: Tangled Movie Review

Ya hi everyone. Okay now, I know I know, I'm being an idiot. I know I'm a boy and I dun usually watch movies like that, but uhhhh...ya I watched it.

Ya the story is okay I guess. It's just sad that Rapunzel lost her enormously long blonde hair. I mean, she look better with that kind of hair. Man.

Anyways uhhhh the good thing is that she found her real family(her father and mother). Well, I didn't see the part where Flynn says "Let down ur..." and then the hair comes down.

Okay I seriously dunno why they didn't add it into one of the part in the movie. Cmon you gotta admit that was the funniest part. 

I dunno, maybe that's just a deleted scene. But of course, I dun have to buy the DVD. I can watch it online anyway.

Ya I thought one part at the end, she'll get her hair back. But now she looks like a total short-hair girl. Which she is. But I think the healing power is still inside her body. Maybe it channels from somewhere in her body.

Should be the heart I guess. Cuz' that is obvious. Well, good thing she found her true home at the end. I dunno, but I'm not a big Rapunzel fan anyway.

But it's still good. Nothing bad, no. But it's okay, some of my cousins watched it too when it came out in the cinemas.

Well, the movie got out of the cinemas anyway. Ya well, I gotta admit too, Rapunzel was also pretty in this movie. Like how Flynn thinks. 

But of course, I'm not that attracted to a girl. Cmon I think I've said this before, guys like girls. It's human nature. 

That's what god gaves two different genders. Then what? You think there'll be....what? A malshe or something?

I dunno. Anyways, I like the story anyway. IN THE MOVIE, not the book. I'm just glad that Rapunzel's father gets to see her daughter again.

Thanks for that. No one wants to see a bad ending. Ya, go for the good! Anyways ummm...Pascal was the chameleon. Obviously. 

I dunno, he's kind of interesting. I have the accept the fact that he only has three or two fingers. Cuz' he's a chameleon. 

Then I was like...what the heck, when the Maximus was walking between the guards and wow, I didn't know guards carry cooking pans to kill people.

Or just, knock them out. And there was one thing that is weird about Rapunzel's hair in the movie.

There was one part where her hair was long enough to reach the ground from the top of the tower. I dunno why it got shorter when Flynn and Rapunzel reached the city. 

And that when the four girls tied her hair...I dunno why it looks shorter. Sometimes the animator of this film gotta work on the hair in some of the scenes.

Well, too bad, I just wished the hair was long again. So ya this movie was okay, I guess.

I'll give it a 4/5. Not bad for a movie like that. Okay well, I'll be seeing you guys...LATER!!!