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Friday, April 8, 2011

Rebecca Black- Friday *worst song ever*

Haha guys you know, I've seen a thousand of songs and you know what's the worse? Justin Bieber? No, come on! It's Rebecca Black.

She's sucks too bad. I mean come on! What kind of person parties on every single Fridays? Who does that? Mostly on my fridays I wanna go home and sleep and study.

I dun party. Party is just too much. Why can't she have just one party? Why does she have to get so many parties?

What the hell is wrong with her? Okay. So let's start on the beginning. Okay, the beginning was like a piece of notepad that says Rebecca Black-Friday by Ark Music Factory.

You know, the name "Ark Music Factory" sounds kind of...oh I dunno, stupid? But I dunno why some people like the song.

It doesn't even get the music wanna go into your ear...does it? If yes, then... go away! Cuz' this is a hater post.

Alright, sorry. Anyway, the clock just runs ahead to 7am. And ya, I dunno why a girl would be so excited to wake up on Fridays. 

She just gets excited on the WRONG time. She should get excited when it comes after school. After school, you can come in and chill at home.

Why waste your freaking time outside? Can't you just study? It's friday, so? Friday doesn't mean you need to celebrate.

There's still school next week. Jeez, I didn't think she knows what day school starts. Anyways, she goes on "I gotta brush my teeth, I gotta get some cereal, rushing on and on and on...". And ya that part was kind of a waste of time.

Even for her. Why is she still standing there opening her big mouth when everybody behind her is rushing. What the heck is she doing? Go!

Then there after that when she got to the bus stop. Waiting for the bus, she spotted her friends. And what the hell...what? Do your friends come to give you a ride to school.

Why can't you use the damn bus? What? Is your friend's car a bus? If it is then good. I dunno. I've never seen any teenager use a bus to go to school instead of the driver.

And the stupidest thing she's asking us. She was like... kicking in the front seat, kicking in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take??????

The back seat, stupid! Can't you see that the back seat has an empty seat? Are you blind or what? The back seat can hold 3 people.

What? You've ride with your friends in the car a hundred times, how could you not know which seat to take? You know that? If you wanna make your mind up, make it properly! Not like that.

Besides, I dun even think you have to make your mind up. Just sit on the back seats stupid!

Then ya, she goes on Friday, Friday.... like Justin Bieber's famous song- Baby. Ya that part sounded a lot like Justin Bieber's lyrics for Baby.

Then ya, she should've make a scene of her going to school. Who ditches school and went the rest of the hours going shopping and then goes to a party?

Okay, about her and her friends standing at the back...who freaking stands at the back of the car? Are they freaking dumb or what?

Or they just wanna commit suicide?Ya! No no, I'm just kidding. Alright ya, what if some sign hits their face? Actually ya, I find that quite that funny.

And I mean, ALOT! Wow, if it hits Rebecca Black? XD hahahaha!!! I'm gonna laugh out loud!!! I hope someone makes a YouTube Poop about that part. Of her hitting signs repeatedly.

Anyways. Ya who freaking stands at the back? GET BACK DOWN! You wanna get killed? Ya what the hell, oh! Do you see people standing on the back seat of a Mercedes car? No!

So dun freaking stand on a car you stupid girls. 

You wanna get riped into pieces? Freaking sit down! What you dunno what I'm saying? Then you must be dumb...cuz' that's what you are.

Ya, DUMB! D U M B, DUMB! Ya you want me to spell that out for you? Oh wait, no, cuz' you're dumb.

And I dunno, why does she need to tell me that she has a friend on her right? I know you had a friend on both sides. What? Oh you think I'm blind? No! 

Freak you if you say yes. Then again, she ask the freaking stupid question again. What do you mean what seat to take?

YOUR STANDING AT THE BACK SEAT YOU MORON! Can't you see that you're already sitting on a seat?

And ya, I know yesterday is Thursday and today is Friday. And get this guys. I actually posted THIS POST ON FRIDAY! YA!

I seem to write this post on the exact DAY! Can you believe it? Oh wait, why am I so excited? Shit me!

And what does she mean she's gonna have a ball? What? Is she going to the hospital and put a penis above her vagina?

Ewwww....why did I say that? Sorry. If you're trying to tell us that you wanna go to the bowling alley. Just freaking say so. 

So that we know that you're going to the bowling alley. GET YOUR LYRICS RIGHT!!!

What do you mean you wanna get a ball. What? You want me to take a bowling ball and throw it at your face?

No. I won't do that. It'll cause a head concussion. No way, it'll be like throwing a piece of brick. A piece of brick? Wow that's even harder, it'll cause the person to bleed.

Ew no. And I know Sunday comes after Saturday. What? You think I'm dumb? I'll kick your ass!

And who is this black guy? He started "RB-Rebecca Black". What? Is he Rebecca's boyfriend or something? He's the sound manager or whatever. 

People who works in this kind of job, DUN FREAKING GET INTO THE SONG!

You got that? Ya but why the heck are you cruising? What? Are you going to a carrier ship?

Well, I know he meant that he's driving comfortably in his seat. And why did you say back seat? No one is in the back seat. Who cares.

And what you mean fast lanes? What? You're trying to tell us that the lanes can move? What? Are concrete meant to move?

You idiot! How can you switch lanes when there's a car beside you? What you wanna die in a car crash? And I would think it's funny if someone uses Adobe After Effects to make a highway road and make that black guy switches lanes like a psycho.

Then somehow a tank manages to drive and crash him at the end. Haha XD I would LOL if I saw that. 

And Friday is still a weekday. It's not a weekend! You stupid or what?

Now! To get back on Rebecca Black. Why is she freaking singing in the back like she's crying or something? This is not a song that's suppose to be miserable.

Do you even know what your song is about? I dunno, but if you wrote this song, you're freaking stupid! Ya she's like "Roar ri ra ro ro ro bo bi ba" at the background. XD haha!

This is a happy song, not a sad song! Get it right! Make more sense.
And she freaking sings like she's an emo at the background or something.

But anyways. The only thing I gotta admit about her is that she's REALLY REALLY HOT!!!! Ya she's actually hot! 

But she could've worn a better shirt to the party. She looks like a girl version of a nerd tucking in the skirt.

Okay but she's hot. And look at that tongue! It's like fat! Fat and flat! I dunno, I just wanna kiss her. After she gets Friday Friday words out of her mouth.

I dunno but I just want her. Just hope she doesn't request for a Friday song. 

I know I just wanna make love with her. But ya, I dun her tone at all. 

It's the letter "E". Ya. Imagine her EEEE throughout the entire song. Haha! I would laugh out loud.

I dunno but she's actually hot. And pretty. I like her tongue. Sorry, I know, I'm a perverter. I dunno, is perverter a superlative for pervert?

I mean. Perverted. Sorry, I just like her tongue and all. :PPPP

Alright sorry about that, remember. Comment, share and get more viewers!!!