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Friday, January 7, 2011

First week of School

First week of school has been okay so far. I guess. I'm now in my school's computer lab with my class. Of course.

I met up with my cousin and I can't WAIT to talk to her about school tomorrow. Nerdy.

But anyways, I hope next week will be better. I gotta work smart, not work hard.  Aah? It's basically one of the things people say.

You know, those smart people. So I wanna go to a better level at class. Normal Academic or Express. That way, I'll get credit and smart.

Or have life easier. I just wish teachers gave us more homework. So I dun have to get yelled at everytime.

I dun think I have enough time to type now that I'm still in school in the computer lab. So uh...see you later soon.