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Friday, July 6, 2012

AMAZING SPIDERMAN (2012) Movie Review

I'm simply had to put two trailer for this movie. Well yes because it rocks. Cause it has two soundtracks that is epic to me. Well one is actually like, umm, sad life progress kinda thing.

Now the first trailer music is this one.

Serenata by Atomic Mix Lab   Yeah it's sad at first, then later the music raises...elevates you up. Okay not so much of that but I'm not really sure how to describe it. Lol XD It's a great addition to the Amazing Spiderman movie.

Why didn't they use that? :( Oh well, what can you do? :\ It really touches the heart. Yes! Yes that's one thing I can say about it. Such a thriller that is. 

Thanks Atomic Mix Lab for this, I really love it :3 And the next one played in the third trailer is called Rise of a Hero by Sonic Symphony. Man I really love the beat.

It's so motivational. Here first...  It's definitely the theme for you training. Beating the sandbag like there's no end to it till the sandbag finally falls and stays it's grounds. 

Yeah it's kinda a reference to the scene where Steve Rogers (Captain America) punches the bag till it flies forward of him. He is an Avenger too.

Anyways, the movie was great. Touching. Umm...ever since Spiderman old 1, 2 and 3 finished. They think it's time Peter gets into our years. Our life. iPhone, computers...

The old Peter didn't have that. But this was suppose to be the Peter whose in our 20s high school. Ah you guys know what I mean :P  Yeah. And the big bully in this school?

He's name Flash. Lol XD What were they thinking? Name some bully after a speedy superhero the Flash? This one...

I know right? What is this Spiderman and Flash dancing? Oh yes. Don't even get me started on this video here...  Lol what the heck XD Anyways. Yeah after watching a few cutscenes of the game now.

Dr. Connors looks like a good person to trust to. He's not such a betrayal dude. And come on, he's a doctor. He acts gentle, nice. Well of course when he starts turning into the lizard...

He exaggerates and goes all haywire. It's a person, turning into a monster. People go crazy when they feel extreme pain. But deh...other than that, the Lizard...ah you know. Is no surprise to me that it's pretty much like some other monster movies I've seen.

But one thing is, notice that the mouth has a line that curves up at each side end of the mouth. Look at this one though...

Seriously, I can't even tell that's an angry look or an evil smile. Reptilian mouths, hmm :\

Oh yeah I love the slit pupils. Slit pupils are like the one you see in this Lizard image. They're thin and have sharp ends.

Yeah...did a great job there. I also think Rhys made the best Connors. After all he looks like a real scientist. With that personality I think he'll be fine being the human Connors :)

And the spider that bit Peter was bigger than than the 3 movies one. Pete acting cool all around Oscorps. He was even smart enough to remember how to unlock a sealed door by moving atoms on the screen pad. 

Oh yeah and I also remember cranes moving in for Peter. Wow. They helped alright. Now the first time Peter tries to make a mask? Wow. I laughed so hard. I dunno, they did exactly what I imagined when Peter makes his first costume. Which only required a mask.

I just felt like the idea was copied or something. Forgot what movie it came from but I just got that feeling that it is the same exact idea copied from another movie. 

Hmm...oh yes. Uncle Ben. Martin Sheen playing Peter's uncle. Wow. Martin was the voice actor of the Illusive Man in Mass Effect. And now the uncle of...ah you know what I'm referring to. 

I also like it when they made the scene before Peter's parents left. It's a really good addition. It was a sad scene of course. And if the scene is true, Peter somehow just mastered intelligence like the IQ just went over the limit.

Lol XD I gotta admit, I think I hear two people saying that Pete reminded these two people of  Peter's dad, Richard. Yeah? A guy who sits at the computer.

Takes off his glasses when you open the door to talk to him. Wow. Those two are Connors and Ben. Wanted to say wow but, too many wows here. 

So you see? Connors is not so much of a bad guy. I mean, it's not what's on the outside...but on the inside. Sure he nearly tried to infect the city and make thousands of Lizards.

But failed when the serum transferred to the antidote. Green to blue. Nice. Like that it changed so fast. However I was sad that the Lizard Connors killed Gwen's dad.

I mean, her dad is the commander of the police force. And, that person is a great one. He doesn't deserve to die like this. See just like every movie. 

When a person is about to die, that person keeps telling "No no, it's okay...don't need to...". Blah blah blah. Just bring them to the hospital. 

Man it was such a blame to the Lizard. Not to the human Connors of course. But that beast killed it. Literally. It's not like the father is the main character which had a big deal so much.

But man, Uncle Ben also tried to be a hero. You know, sometimes, never also be the hero. You risk yourself, you risk your life. But this quote could only affect in some situations.

Different situations...different strategies. 

The part where Connors tried to make his arm grow back? Wow. It failed alright. Shattered when the massive amount of antidote drop on the Lizard.

Yeah the first time when Connors insert the serum into his disarmed arm? It grew back. But it looks all oily. Like as if Connors put massive amount of olive oil to make it look slike and shiny. 

Where's the details man? Do they really have to make that fake looking arm for Connors? Hmm...yes. I like it when the Lizard wears the lab coat. 

So much like in the comics. There was some funny parts in this movie too. The basketball scene where Peter broke the ring. Car thief scene. Just a lot thanks to Mark Webb. 

Do like the new costume. It's nice. I actually hope they do something about the nanobots though. With an after credits scene of Connors in his cell, there maybe one. Maybe... :\

So just to be clear, Connors is not so much of a villain. He's just the guy who well? Just like Rhys mentioned his character. A guy who wants his arm back. 

When his disabled arm shattered back to the way it was. Was just sad. So after the whole fight. Connors gave up the harm to Peter and the city. 

If you all wanna know what happens AFTER the movie ends, play the game!!!

Yeah...great poster there. Watch it, and you'll know the rest of the continuum. I just wanna watch this movie again! I WANT TO!

So awesome. Oh yeah, love it that the Flash ended up making friends with Peter. See? People can change. Even the Flash changed and stopped bullying. Maybe, not sure. 

As he know he can't mess with Peter anymore. Oh yes. I almost forgot. Gwen Stacy was the best acted by Emma Stone.

Two great names. Lol XD Yeah I gotta admit Gwen was SO much better than Mary Jane. She's kinda pretty too. But to be clear, I'm not that much onto Emma Stone. 

Come on, she's an actress. I'm a regular person going to school every morning. You can clearly see the difference. But if she does grab my collar and pull me to her lips.

I would be like having my eyes wide opened seeing her kissing my lips for longing. And wow. Lol XD What in the world am I saying? I said I'm not that much into Emma and what the heck...

I dunno, I just watch too much anime kissing. Was putting on the kryptonite. Anyway it's the ending I wanna talk about now. So they kinda broke up at the end.

And wow, they can't be together and that's just sad. He made a promise? Did he? I dunno, that's why I said I need to watch it again if I had the chance to. 

And that chance better be DVD quality. Don't wanna watch it in a crappy one and not have a good audio quality. Well if I'm correct, I think Peter said "You are the best" at the end. The final line of this first movie. 

There maybe a second one as I mentioned. I do hope so. Wanna see more action. But next time okay? It's just way too soon to hope for this. Just wait!

With great power, comes great responsibilities. Remember that folks. I also like the part where he screwed up his normal morning teeth brushing. Spoilt the water knob. Everything. 

Laughed there. Oh yeah, and when I was on my way back to the theater from buying popcorn and a gigantic drink of Mountain Drew. I passed by a girl and I saw her melons. Oh yeah *hurr durr*

But they're not that big. But B, C? I think? Yeah. Okay we're not here to talk about boobies. Spiderman is more important in the point of this review.

And that's all I can say for now. As I need to clear some messages in my inbox. See you guys soon. Comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)