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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stayover at my cousins' house

It's 2:20am in the morning and I've been staying in my cousins' house for Christmas until now. Right now, the rest of them, I think they're still downstairs fixing stuff.

Two of them already took a shower. I hadn't. And there's only the four of us now, the other one was too young. She's in the 3rd grade and soon gonna be in the 4th next year.

Anyways, she didn't stay so, haha! So I'm fine. It's sort of quiet now and... we've had fun so far. I'm using one of their computers and this one is sort of an old model.

And doesn't have much stuff. It's fun today, we played FORZA MOTORSPORT 3, and the game was a whole lot fun. I'm good at turning but sometimes I just happen to go off track.

Heh heh.

I use pretty some cool cars. I'm like one of my cousins, who doesn't like cars that are too fast. Only those which is easy to control around the whole circuit. I dunno but it's been fun tonight.

Okay so now I can't think of anything to write down. Man, I'M SO BORED!!!!So I guess I'll say goodbye or whatever. So I gotta go, bye!

Minuscules- Love Story with two greenworms

This is an episode of Minuscules and I love how cute the worm is. Greenworm. And to tell you, he sure took a very long time to crawl all the way to the girl greenworm. They're really cute.