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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yolanda Be Cool- We Are No Americano

There are people in my class singing this song. And it's Spanish.

Some spanish dancers came to our school and performed infront of us. And the singer seems to be singing this song.

The song must've spread through the entire school. This song is even put onto the radio.

People usually like the lyrics and the music. It's psycho and fun to listen to. It's just got the drum beat feeling.

I dunno. But it is fun to watch it though. The singer playing the piano is well. Feels like he's a woman O_O

The expressions look like how a proud woman would sing like that. But I like the editing that Pink Louder has done to it.

It made the video funny. I love how Oscar shakes his head like crazy. Like as if he's hallucinating or something.

So yes, this was a very good edit that I like. Even though it's strange, unusual and funny. 

Now relax. Like I've said before, this is just an editing. So there's nothing to worry about it. 

Pa pa american. That's one of the most familiar lyrics when it comes to listening to this song.

Pom pa ta pood. The second of the most familiar lyrics. 

It just wanna make you close your eyes, band down and hands moves like as if they're holding drumsticks beating onto a drum. Slowly.

And also... saying Pa pa american. 

Now I love this song. I heard of it weeks ago. And to me, this song is funny and nice. I just dunno how to describe a Spanish song. Really. 

It's hard though. I dunno why. Cuz' in my life I've never reviewed a Spanish song. Only English ):

But anyways, it's okay though. So just play the music above and enjoy. Pa pa american XD 

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