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Friday, January 28, 2011

Star Trek XI(2009) Movie Review

Ya my review of the 2009 movie Star Trek XI came up real late. Sorry about that. Cuz' this blog wasn't even created in 2009.

So this movie rocks! And actually it's a lot more awesome than any other movies I've seen so far. Except for Transformers. It's the same kind of awesomeness that is in Star Trek.

Anyways, I love the USS Enterprise and all the starships that you see in the movie.
So the Enterprise is the most awesome ship I've seen. So much better than any other space movie I've seen so far. No offence to Star Wars. But that's not the point.

The Enterprise looks better than the old ones. THE OLD ONES SUCK! THE TOS Enterprise SUCK! Sorry. 

But anyways, the movie was awesome. I like the warp travelling in the movie. This are some of the videos of Enterprise, starships, Jellyfish and the Narada Warping. 

Narada and Jellyfish Warping(Sorry, embedding was disabled by request)

You know, I can't believe it. That video of the Narada and Jellyfish warping scene was disabled. As you can see.

Stupid request. Why would you wanna disable it? It's such an awesome video. And the quality i BADASS! Well, it's DVD quality but it still rocks.

Anyway, The Narada was like a bunch of spikes pointing outwards and inwards. I dunno how Romulans built the ship. It must've took a very long time to do it. Like years or centuries. I dunno. I thinkit's tje largest ship in the universe or something.

Maybe but this is just a movie. So the Narada doesn't exist of course. I'm not crazy, even though I'm a fan of Star trek.

It was designed to be massive and menacing. When it gets infront of people's eye they're like... "Oh my god".

Lol, I know right? And yet the ship is a she. Everything is called a she. Why isn't there a he, huh? It is becuase of mother-nature? Well, tell you what, mother-nature is on earth, NOT SPACE!

If you want mother-nature, GO TO EARTH! Which we are. Lol, imagine how I would say it if I talk to you guys in-person.

Anyways, you guys know the red matter right? The tech that is use to create a blackhole. I dunno why they need six or five containers of it to destroy a planet.

Each container contains only ONE drop. And when the Jellyfish hit the Narada, it's THE ENTIRE RED MATTER.

So what? You'll telling me that the Narada is bigger than a planet. DREAM ON about this and it'll never come true.

Why would you want something so chaotic to happen? I just dun get it. And I dunno why Warp Cores would help them to push them away from the black hole.

The Warp cores are suppose to help the Enterprise's engines to go at maximum warp. I dunno but they need that to push them away from the black hole. That scene was REAL AWESOME.

Captain Kirk has a proud father who's dead. Ya I wish his Dad survived. But because of that stupid Auto-Pilot function which was destroyed by the Narada at the beginning of the movie.

He's not able to do it. I dunno. But it's a good thing this movie has an awesome ending. Okay, so I've written long enough so um...