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Monday, April 23, 2012

Battleship (2012) Movie Review

Oh heck yeah, I went to watch BATTLESHIP! This is awesome though. But I find the story is always the same. Oh you disturb some alien planet and they come and attack or use your resources.

What so ever. But for some reason I dunno why  the aliens were finding a place to make some kind of small power plant. And using our land satellites.

And what the heck...we have a high tech satellite like this? That transmits messages to another living planet called Planet G? Wow... Well basically we have to name a planet with a random letter because our Earth hasn't get destroyed yet.

Yeah that's what they were talking about in first parts of the movie. If it's G, I think we'll name it...Ganime. Or Gydeme. Yeah those are some good names.

But that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about the movie Battleship. So let's continue! >:D Now first of all, it's also good to have Rihanna in here.

Nice. And her character is also started with "Ri". Lol XD The people who came up with the name can't get enough of Rihanna can they? Well her character basically...
Aw crap! I got the name wrong. I thought it was spelt Rigs. Lol XD What the heck...

Rigs. Dude you wanna check out my rigs? Lol XD Just kidding. Besides it's just a character in the movie. Rihanna is just acting as that character. 

I dunno, maybe I just didn't hear clearly cuz' there were too many alien noises. It's Raikes, Cora Raikes. Mmm...nice :) Okay honestly I don't even know why I think it's a piece of meal. Rofl XD

And now that I watch a clip I know that planet is named Goldilocks. What the heck? Read too much fairy tales? God...ah nevermind. Anyway I really think the alien ships were cool and dolphin...whale like behaviour.

In fact it was literally what their ships are. They move from to place like dolphins. They jump up out of the water and then later dive back in and repeat it over and over.

But I thought that was really good. Imagine you're out in the ocean on a cruise ship. Enjoying the night view outside the balcony hallway.

And then you suddenly hear loud alien techno noises. Kind of like an ambience messed up one. It just goes pass your ship like a big whale. No actually bigger, thicker and wider than a whale.

But wow. The ship with green illumination is just sick. Good sick of course, I don't mean your sickness like fever and the list that goes on.

I meant this is awesome. The first one we see was a ship with orange illumination. And it was this one...
Most of the orange illuminations came from the bottom. You'll see when the ship passes by the life boat. Yeah but it looks better at night. Here's a photo of the scene where the ship is dolphin swimming throughout the night for whatever reason. I dunno :P

Yeah man! Look at that! It's a damn orange alien ship going across our ocean. It's not so difficult to see one if you ask me. With those lights, it's not helping their stealth. 

Besides you can already see them. They're not suppose to hide. Instead it's the motive to have the element of surprise. The green one? Where is it? I can't seem to find a damn concept of it.

Ah nevermind, I'll just edit it and now, I have a green alien ship...
Hehe...but it really spoils the blue haze around it. Now it's all purple :( Ah well. It looks awesome anyway. Green poop. Lol XD

But the green ship has a little bit of the different structure. And yeah, you know that machine which created a powerful barrier around them and the three destroyers that Alex was currently in?

That's actually a huge ship. Yeah it's a ship that was creating massive energy to protect them from any harm. But they were foolish to not realize that that we have something on the inside before they even created a barrier.

They used the USS Missouri to destroy the mothership. The biggest one and most evil lookin'. The Missouri one was actually a muesum monumental type. 

The people who made this ship still gets onto the ship to maintain it so that it doesn't get all infected with cobwebs all around it. But when they pass, who's gonna get it? Missouri soon gets consumed by green moisture and cobwebs in the afterlife.

Or maybe assign new ones. I dunno =P But yeah it was awesome when the old men take control of the Missouri with Alex, Nagata, Raikes and the others. Wow. 

Lol XD "Let's get those mother..." and gets censored by the cannons and massive overlords.  Haha. It's so funny seeing old people firing weapons. Probably good for having viral videos.

But yeah it was awesome. Umm...what other parts? Hmm...let me think. Oh yeah, the front part was awesome. Alex you badass dude. He went into a convenient store. 

A fool who decides to go in being captured by surveillance cameras. Lol XD He crashes into the cheetos shelf or whatever the heck that yellow powder is. Yeast? Corn powder? Jackgowatts? Pecktonuts? Perdongkadong?


But anyways it's awesome as heck. Yeah lots of sound effects are almost the same in Transformers. That's why it's done by some of the same people in Transformers.

Ever since they had made the third movie, they were able to use those sounds for Battleship. And it's good :) Now I just remembered the board game, Battleship. They did it on this game.

I dunno, I may try to play it too but...I just dunno. I mean it seems kinda nerdy. Sorry nerds :P Anyway it was a really great movie. And I dunno why they named the concentrated main character, Hopper. It sounds like a bunny's last name or something.

Lol XD Bugs Bunny. Although this looks nice though. Amazing details with the lights and shades.  Okay I'm being too childish right now. 

Okay okay, what if I pull off something like this  ...
Oh ye that's pretty badass yao. A rabbit carrying some kind of AK47 like rifle. Going down this dungeon or whatever it is. But the background just made it seem too creepy. Eeshhh...not gonna sleep tonight.

Haha lol just kidding XD But anyways we're not here to talk about rabbits and man! Why do I get so off subjected? And don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question.

If you even know what rhetorical means. It means you're not suppose to answer it. So anyways, yeah this dude was pretty awesome. He goes all the way to the convenient store and get a chicken burrito. 

The cashier woman could've gave him a chance. Besides it's not like he always go to the store late. Come on. And I thought convenient stores goes on 24/7. With day and night shifts of course.

Why did it close? Ehh...I like the fact that Stone just slap him and tell that he look good back at the bar. Lol XD Alex didn't even mind it. Oh well. And I wonder why Alex looks short when he was at the ceremony at the beginning.

Confusing sh** yao. 

Nevermind. But he saved the world. That's one thing. Anyway I also like that there's Japanese people in here. I wanted to learn Japanese. It's so fun to say the words.

However I guess their crew didn't get past out. They probably don't wanna be racist. Don't let asians die. Lol XD But I'm good with that. I didn't think they're worth dying. They're worth living ^_^

We all live on the same planet and we unite as together. Those aliens probably dunno what's racism. We don't live in their world, neither do they for the opposite :|

Yeah but I think those spinning spiky gear balls are awesome. They tore and consume anything in they path. But they just toss it behind them into pieces.

I dunno. They're badass, it was the Director's idea to pull this thing into action. Thanks man...and that dude is Peter Burg. Nice. I dunno, I heard someone said he made the good action films.

I see...

Oh and here's a screenshot :)

Yeah it's looks damn badass. The orange, wow :D----

This was the part where it destroyed the chopper after it went under the chopper and it has some kind of like long, spiky(of course) whip that slashed off the rear section of the chopper.

And soon that one crashed. Poor people who past in the helicopter. Ah nevermind, it's just a movie. They're fine @_@

Yeah... ...

Well anyway, I dunno what else to say about this movie. It has been great seeing it. Just wished I saw it with my cousin, Joe :( We both love Transformers. And this movie would be the one for us too.'s okay I guess. We even went to watch Transformers 3 together. Hehe ^^ I'll give this Battleship movie a 5...out of 5. I bet I missed the after credits scene. 

My dad didn't think if there would be another scene after all this credits. Hmm...alright! Enough talking. Thanks for reading this and don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)