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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sentinel Prime toy thoughts...and figures I have

Now I seriously love this figure alot. But I haven't bought it yet.

I hope so. I need my mom's money to have it.

Yeah I don't really earn that much money to buy stuff like that. We usually use our parent's money to buy stuff.

But she said even I play with this, it would be useless next time. She said that I'll just put it on my table and don't even play it more often.

The figures I have were actually ROTF figures. I have four of them. 
These are the figures that I have:
Yes it's awesome. I got one of the most favourited characters in the movie series. 

Buster Optimus with mask deployed. I actually didn't buy the two figures. My uncle bought it for me. The box that it came with was this one:
It's the one that came from Takara Tomy. 

This one, I recommend you have this one. It's so much wayyy better than the first figures released. 

So? What's so good about this? They're awesome. Jetfire doesn't have that stupid dark blue and white spots and textures. He's completely black :D

But he's not thinner ): And Optimus has his face plate on :D That's the best. He doesn't really have those white linings surrounding the flames texture. It's dark blue :D

That really fits the texture. Anyways, let's get onto other figures. I also have my very first transformers deluxe class... Breakaway :D
This is very first ROTF figure. And also my very first transformer :D

I got it from a lesson Mom told me. My sister's laptop was at the living room. On the couch, I stab it with my leg and after a few seconds, Mom caught my legs.

She yell at me for doing that. Then later Mom had to go to the bookstore so I went with her.  And that bookstore has the figure.

Until now, you won't believe it. That bookstore is still having ROTF figures in it's shelf. Even now it's DOTM taking over.

So I wanted Breakaway so bad that Mom approved my request. She bought me this figure so that I could learn my lesson to not do stuff like this anymore.

And I never did :)

I'm now more behaved, friendly and funny. Just like my cousins :D

Alright, nevermind. Let's get onto the last two figures that I have. Now it's the Legends class of Devastator.
Yes. It's this small bastard right here. I got this one instead of the Supreme Combiner Class type. And this one...Scrapper came off ): I think I dropped it and this happned :P

It sucks cuz' that figure rocks a lot. I really love that figure when I was 12 years old :P Till 13. In the store, there's actually a takara version of Devastator.

That has red face :D But today when we got to the store, I can't find it ); But it was there a few weeks ago. Maybe it's hidden behind some of the boxes.

Not really sure. Can't just take it like this, they stack a lot of huge figures together. It'll fall. But if anyone wants to buy it, I'm not really sure how they're gonna take it out of  the stack ):

And worst of all, how am I gonna take it out of the stack D:

So yeah. That's bad. Anyway... >:O

Let's get onto the last figure, shall we?

The last figure I have is Grindor :D My favourite character, Grindor...Blackout's twin brother.

This is the best decepticon in my opinion. And I mean...the best.

Well, Shockwave and Megatron rock too. Starscream sucks...haha! Just kidding. He doesn't suck at all. And Devastator, Devastator rocks with his balls :D

Anyways, the reason I like this guy is because he has a clipper mouth or whatever you call it. And a nice head sculpt. 

I love the blades hanging behind him. And they're just dangling behind him :D I love it. I've always played him in the ROTF game usually because he's my favourite.

Even though he died from Optimus ): But it's okay, he's a decepticon anwway. I love his voice in the ROTF game. Hope it's the same as Starscream.

It'll sound freaking awesome. I usually don't really like Frank Welker ever voicing Megatron. But because he use to voice Megatron in the G1 generations...I guess that's that.

I prefer Hugo Weaving to voice Megatron. Hugo you rock at Megatron's voice. Thanks :D 

Anyways, yeah, this guy is awesome. Well...there's actually another figure but it's actually a KFC toy.

Crappy toy. My mom bought it for me before we watched it. It's probably a few weeks before I watch Transformers DOTM. 

Here's it:

Yes it's this bastard of Ironhide. 

Well I dunno. I think it was worth it, didn't really cause much money. Considering the fact that it was bought from KFC. It's 12.5 centimeters tall and...8.5 centimetres wide.

I dunno. But it's about there. And I can't get to measure him. Jeez. 

This thing looks awesome but I'm above 13 and this stuff is way below my age. I dunno why Mom bought me this.

At the cashier. I just told her to look at it. Not buy it. Jeez. And I said that twice. 

But it's okay. I really appreciate it I guess. After all, I think this is the best way to remember Ironhide. Cuz' Sentinel freaking killed him.

Yes, that di_ _ killed Ironhide. Betrayer. So I think I won't be disliking this KFC toy. As like I said, it would be a great memory of Ironhide.

R.I.P Ironhide, we hope the best of your revival. And hope that it will occur :)

Too bad the KFC toy doesn't really transform. Cheapskate though. But it's okay. It's made by them so I don't mind.

They're not that smart to make one :P

But yeah I think there are some other figures too. But I'm probably not gonna buy them. And I wouldn't bother even though I'm a really big fan of the transformers movies.

Yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and play with Ironhide's cannon :D There's a button beside it, you press it so that the cannon could turn.

Retarded-ly. It doesn't make a full spin. So it's okay. And the button gets kind of stuck so I had to give the cannon a gentle bump with my palm. With my hand palm...dumbass.


So yeah, it's not that bad.

And this is all I have to say...don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)