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Saturday, February 19, 2011

CS:S Beta being deleted...

Okay I dunno what the hell is wrong with my sister, when my mom asked her to delete the programs that are jamming her computer up, she deleted the Steam platform and most of all...CS:S Beta! 

You know, I can't believe what she just did to me last night. That was like the best thing on my mom's laptop. I couldn't believe her! Wait, I think I've already said this one. Sorry, I'm just really disappointed of what she did.

So ya, right now, I'm re-install the Steam platform. But the CS:S Beta is still installing now. Usually when you delete some of the files, it won't actually get off the computer. 

Cuz' when you finished re-installing the game, the skins are still there. But the maps are not. That's just overall sad. Wait what? Ya. 

I dunno but it's a yes and a no. I can't be sure about it yet but I'll see if I'm correct...

I just hope my sister doesn't delete this again. My mom isn't even a good at adding and removing files. Well, that's good for me. 

At least. I dunno. But ya, it really depends on what computer you're using. If you're installing things on the same computer, the files will come back. 

But if you install it on other people's computer. The files you downloaded aren't even there. I dunno but it's like this. So I hope this works and stuff.