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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Iron Man 2 Late review

 Yeah sorry I had to review this early. At that time I watched Iron Man 2. It was 2 years ago. And I had to review it now.

Yeah I know I'm damn stupid and super late for reviewing this movie. I've seen this movie like 3 times and I haven't give a damn about it on this blog here. 

Sucks right? Everyone already reviewed it earlier except for me. Yeah I'm the damn bastard who review this movie the latest. Which of course, sucks. 

But no one said so... :P Anyway I'm wasting time talking sh** right now so it's time to review it. I tried searching my blog for my Iron Man 2 review and I couldn't find any. 

So I just post one right now. Damn it...if it was there...this wouldn't have happened.  Okay. So one of the things I love most was the suitcase armor.

In fact, there's a whole lot more stuff that I like. Lol :D

I like how the leg and hand pads form. Which is awesome by the way. And umm...yeah it's really cool to see something transform in Iron Man 2 :D

Ivan was the bad guy. And Justin found him and brought him to Hammer Industries which is his of course. And offer him to help make Iron Man an antic(or whatever you call it). 

So Ivan agreed to his plan and helped. But later Ivan rebuild the helmet into a head. I find it funny that the servant tried to actually fit on his head.

Stupid huh? But I don't care. In fact, no one cares at all. The other thing was Black Widow. Yeah Black Widow wasn't really one of the popular marvel superheroes and I've never recently heard of her till Iron Man 2 came out.

She's hot I guess. I dunno. I dunno okay? That doesn't me I like her that much. No offense. But I'm talking about Black Widow in Iron Man 2. 

I'm not talking about Scarlett Johansson. Oh what am I talking about? You guys get it. And if you wanna see her bio, go here 

I also like the War Machine...awesome :D  

Yeah this one looks kinda weird though. Yeah in the movie the ark reactor is blue and this one is red.

But I'm just saying...the reason it's red is just for the fans. That's all. BUT I REALLY REALLY love the red eye lights. 

So awesome :D I like the shoulder pads...not the upper arm shoulder pad. The one on the right hides the ex-wife. Taking down a bunker.

Let's see what a bunker is..
Yeah I'm really stupid. I don't even know what a bunker is. 

Well this is the military version of a bunker. I know what it does just by looking at it. 

It's quite obvious. And actually a lot more obvious. That soldiers come here to defend themselves during war. But where would they even find a bunker anyway. 

I mean like you're fighting in different battlefields around the world. Not everywhere has a bunker. 

And lol I love how the ex-wife hits Ivan in his own Iron Man-like suit. Which is super thick. Well I dunno, maybe it's just 4 or 5 layers.

I dunno. Heck and I also like Coloney James, he's so cool :O

Whose actor is Don Cheadle.

Wow this picture is clear. Awesome :)

Yeah. And he's the only one who knew how to fly the War Machine. And there you see Justin Hammer at the background.

Yeah :|

And of course the most anticipated character..Tony Stark :D He's funny and awesome of course. And he's Iron Man. And here's the scene of the car race...   Yeah this one the quality wasn't that good. Well it's medium. But it's's good. Yeah Ivan was really insane at that fight.

Like I said I really love how the suit transforms. And the whips were really powerful. And Ivan got defeated but not dead.

And he didn't have an arc reactor as a heart so :P

And here's a scene of the boxing scene...  Haha and Hogan is all cocky with fighting and gets beat up. Couldn't defeat Tony or Natalie >:D

He's hilarious. Even wanna watch Natalie change to her Black Widow suit in the car. Lol XD 

At the Hammer Industries...he only beat up on one guard while Natalie defeat many. Newbies XD

Oh yeah and when Tony and James fight the hammer was awesome. When James shoot one drone continously with his minigun on his shoulder and wrist guns.

It was awesome. He shot off so many pieces off that freaking drone. Heck yeah...tearing robots apart like this. Like Transformers 3 :D 

When Optimus kicks ass. And the most awesome move was of course...the laser. Killed all the drone in one shot :D 

Or slice :) Okay uh what else? Yeah I like the sound of the minigun though. AWESOME >:D

Yeah and Ivan's iron suit was awesome than his stupid first. Which is not even a suit of course. The mask kind of look like Sektor in Mortal Kombat 9. His robot mode.

Yeah this one looks freaking awesome. It looks something like this. The mouth piece is vertical.

And no nose holes. And I dunno. The Senator Sturn looks weird.

Yeah his mouth looks all puffy. I dunno but that's what Garry Shandling looks like. Lol XD

And Paul Bettany once again voices Stark's computer. Awesome...I love that voice :D And you know what? Iron Man 2 is the only marvel movie...

Which has 2 scenes with Shield. Other movies are just like at the ending. Iron Man is lucky cuz' there's two movies of it. 

Ummm...what else...yeah. I like the presentation of the Hammer drones. It was awesome. I like how the War Machine was elevated up to the stage :O

Man I hate that emoticon :O -> :(

Anyways. Ummm....yeah the movie was awesome. And after the credits...there was a scene where Iron Man's agent who went to Mexico. 

Yeah he found Thor's hammer :D And let's face it, I don't even know what his name is. The one who helped Tony to carry the tubes to creating the new element.

And the thing he used to balance the tubes is Captain America's shield :D

Yeah this one is the process of them making the shield for the movie.

Awesome I guess. And you know the party scene at Tony's mansion? Yeah. The suit he's wearing make him look all bulky. Jeez...

And I really like the fight. Alright well anyways it's now 10:44pm right now and it's getting really late. I got school tomorrow and I really gotta get to sleep.

Well this maybe part 1 of my review since I had to sleep now. So if I find out anything...I'll put up part 2. Maybe. So don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)