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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movies I'll be watching [WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS!]

Alright today I've decided that I wanna talk about the movies that I'm willing to watch and do hope I get the chance to see it when it's out.

What? Random picture? Oh no, this is just a random picture I took from deviantART. Looks cool to me :D

Anyways so the first movie that's on my list is of course :) Everybody's waiting for this, Iron Man 3!

Yes, the new Iron Man movie that releases on the last week of April. Can't wait. When you know one movie that comes out as April is about to end.

You know that they're not fooling you. Lol XD Get it? Get it? Yeah I know, death stare is what you're doing isn't it? Nevermind :\

Anyway as you can see here in the poster, Tony is putting on the next Extremis armor or whatever you call it. But I prefer to call it that cause it sounds cool...yeah. 

If you guys seen the trailer, you'll know that it's gonna be freakin' badass. A whole lord of Iron Men. There's the Heartbreaker Armor, there's the Deepspace Armor, even the Hulkbuster and so on :)

Now the trailer, when I watch it, I can tell that it's a spoiler trailer. Well 50 50 at least :\ And we see the Mandarin blowing up shit in New York. 

Or some other places, I dunno. And you people should watch the TV spots if you haven't, they show some footage that's not displayed in the trailers. 

Here are some of the TV spots...

Yeah :\ You can go Youtube and just type in Iron Man 3 tv spot. And they'll give you some varieties of the Iron Man 3 movie coming out at the end of April :)

It's funny how these two thumbnails appear here. One is Pepper Potts and the other is Tony. Heh heh :D

Yes it's revealed that Potts will be forced to put on the armor in order for safety. Although I think it's really absurd to let her put it on. If only they pick someone like uhh :\

Olivia Wilde :D Yeah, she could totally put on the armor and look hot in it. If only she acted as Pepper from the beginning, that would be awesome.

But then some of you would be like "Seriously dude? Come on, this is an Iron Man movie, not a movie where Tony dates a hot chick".

Yeah :\ My stinking opinion, if that's what you think of me. If not, then good. So seeing from the tv spots, Mandarin appears to have an army of terrorists. 

I find it weird that an old man would have an army. Especially when he has ten rings. With each ring, grants him one power. And putting on sunglasses, really? Sunglasses. The Mandarin isn't even like this in the comics, this is what he actually looks like in the comics :)

He's got that Feng Shui type ofthing with that coat, that hair, beard and so on. Well I guess that's because he is a chinese. With all the chinese warriors behind him. 

And in the new movie, this shows that the Mandarin is nearly the difference. It only goes to show that the Mandarin is now a villain that's not chinese but an american.

That's one thing I wanna point out that they're not doing it right. The only thing that was right was the ten rings. 

Or I dunno :\ Maybe he's just walking through a crowd of terrorists. Could be, I don't really know. And now we also have a doctor that discovered nanotechnology and that's how Tony got his Extremis armor.

Using mind control to put all the pieces together with his mind :D And that's how Tony is able to strap the armor onto Pepper. Heh heh :D

Well another movie I'm also gonna watch is 

Yes. This movie. When I watched the first one, I was also gonna wonder if there's going to be a next Star Trek movie in the J.J Abrams franchise. And they really did it. Although I dunno if this is gonna be exciting as the first one.

I mean, the villain of this movie is Khan. Another person who's pissed off at the federation for a crime they committed that he felt was serious but the fleet didn't do anything to resolve it. If that's what Kahn means in the trailer.

And for all of us who saw the trailer, we saw Enterprise coming down into Earth with burning pieces popping off the Enterprise. And the Enterprise gets pulled into Earth's atmosphere and soon with gravity working onto the Enterprise, it ditches into the ocean and continues surfing till it hits the city and destroys everything in it's path.

Now I didn't really want that starship to end this way. Not that I wanting other ways for it to happen but just don't. I mean, the Enterprise is like the ship for Kirk. And now that it's gone, what are they gonna do? Wait for it to rebuild and expect to face Kahn again?

Or are they just gonna find another ship but not the Enterprise? That would've been a faster and easier way for them but they won't feel like they belong to the other starships. 

Although I still dunno if other starships have been destroyed in the first movie since Enterprise was the last ship to arrive at Vulcan to stop Nero from creating a hole into the Vulcan atmosphere and into the core.

Maybe those are just flying debris of the Kelvin starship. Nah it can't be. Kelvin was destroyed somewhere further else. It was destroyed at the part where the Narada and the Kelvin starship are beside an orange star that is much like ours. 

Could be, we all cannot be for sure and therefore never will care where that place is. It probably may just be me. Maybe that's the Klingon territory. That's why the Narada was held captive by the Klingons while all Romulans were imprisoned on Rura Penthe. 

So it could be our starships. I dunno, I find myself confused. Cause then if all of them are destroyed except for the Enterprise, then how can I explain everyone of the Starfleet cadets still in the academy? With that mastered, I guess there wasn't really any casualties. 

And now in the new movie, we have a villain that's not even an alien or at least an alien that has almost the same physical appearance compared to us humans. It's just a human who is a top agent of the fleet and happens to betray the fleet and well? Is good at what he's doing.

I guess we all know his line there "I'm better..."
Then Kirk says "At what?" then Kahn says "Everything". But I really hope no one dies in this film though. Well obviously Kirk and Spock won't but just no one. 

But when the Enterprise went down, they were able to escape using some shuttle craft that doesn't appear to be made by Starfleet ship builders. It looks more alien like. 

It could be, we all just can't be sure whether it is or not. It's gonna be an amazing experience and I'm most likely gonna love this next installment. 

The last one on this list is...

Yeah... :) Pacific Rim. I'm gonna love this one too. Love the layouts of this movie. I'm simply gonna watch this movie because they finally make a badass movie. But I don't just watch it for the action. What's more important was the storyline. It needs to have a good story to make it a film worth calling a "good movie" and a "fun movie" at the same time. That's how you make a sci-fi film like this.

Not like that stupid Battleship movie. It's totally bad. It's just copying ideas from Transformers. Even trying to get the people who graphic Transformers to do that film. That movie is only a "fun movie" to watch. Cause after all, this movie is a stupid one and it's a movie that comes out when the Hollywood people are starting to run out of ideas. 

Cause basically where they get the idea from was a board game called Battleship. Yes this shit right here

This is the original piece of shit. And should stay as it is and not make a stupid movie about it. Well if you want the movie to be a "good movie". The least you people who released Battleship into the cinemas was to NOT PUT FUCKING ALIENS IN IT! Cause since when is the board game all about aliens?

Putting this aliens with really cool tech is just following Transformers. And make all the shifting and changing on the alien's suits? No no, not working for me. It's obviously coping Transformers!

As for Pacific Rim, it looks cool. And it doesn't seem to focus so much on only the aliens and giant robots. It focuses more than that. And it sets the characters and scenarios at the right places.

Just look at the plot written here on this screenshot :]
Screenshot taken from Wikipedia

Yes! This is the future. We have freaking badass technology cause we're in the future. And the aliens fighting in this movie are huge godzilla-like aliens that comes to wipe out Earth because all monsters and aliens including our animals are retarded. They cannot think like us.

Or defend and attack like us. Maybe I'm wrong :P

Now when I mentioned "our animals", I don't mean to offend anyone here who loves animals. I was just trying to be scientific. But obviously not the best way possible :P

So please don't take it so serious, but if you do, I terribly sorry for you. So the giant aliens take down our Golden Gate bridge. 

I still do love the giant ass aliens, plus it's ONE
of the reasons why I wanted to watch this film. I have reasons to watch this film. I have reasons to watch Iron Man and Star Trek Into Darkness. See, it's reasons that makes us attempt to watch movies like this. 

But our reason goes along with different taste. Some of us watch it because of the action or at least don't give a shit about the storyline. Some of us watch it because of the storyline. It's a fifty/fifty. 

Another reason is that it is confirmed as GlaDOS is gonna be in the movie. Yes the talking robot lady in Portal. I think it's a good reason to put her voice into the movie. Plus she's a good programmed voice. Plus her voice does a great job like saying "Two pilots ready to connect". She really made that voice, I'm saying. 

Things just doesn't blow badly for her. I mean it doesn't suck at the voice. Come on! Not all the time you have to relate everything to sex. What's wrong with you people! If you are, sometimes you're just annoying.

Yes I'm a pervert, but I can control it well. 

So yes this is gonna be a great movie to watch. We'll all gonna have a great time watching this movie and getting the story from it. But anyone is free to watch so I guess I can't really stop anyone.

Alright so the first movie I'm gonna watch is Iron Man 3. Then Star Trek Into Darkness and then Pacific Rim. Because it's released later than those two movies. 

And I hope to see you guys...when I see you guys. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. PEACE! >:D