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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New TF3 Trailer

I think I didn't watch this trailer. I just didn't notice it, I dunno but it maybe a new one. It's really awesome though. 

In this trailer, Mikaela looks hot. I have to admit I was wrong about what I said earlier. I just hope she IS hot in the movie when I see it. 

Anyways, Optimus looks awesome with his new gun.  Maybe it's the same, I dunno I'm not sure. Bumblebee looks cool with that large cannon out of his roof. 

You know, I would like to see a sequel where he is fully armed. But it's okay, maybe I'll see it on July 2011. Can't wait. And ya, I'm a fan of Transformers also in case you dunno.

Well, just watch it and tell me what you think. It's okay if the comment section below doesn't work for you if you're not a member. You can go to my facebook account to comment it. 

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Okay well, I'll go now, bye. Comment on the one I share on my wall.