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Monday, March 21, 2011

National Cadet Corps(and other stuff) conversation

Okay okay, I had to admit that this co-corricular activity I took in school jank. 

Ya I dunno what jank means...I dunno. I just heard about it. I dunno why the NCC days in school resumed on Monday then Friday. I mean, they've changed it to Friday ONLY. 

But now, it's both. Monday and Friday. This is gonna end till Speech Day is offically over for the year. I'm not even sure when Speech Day is.

I hope it's not 2 months away or something. I dunno, I like my CCAs to be just the way they are when I was in middle school.

Okay, I know this is high school already and the things are more...stress.

I dunno why in middle school, the teacher doesn't come after you if you dun attend for your CCAs. CCA equals Co-Curricular Activites.

Just incase, for morons to understand. Morons are stupid people. I dunno why people just can't call other people stupid. 

Why do they have to pick the word "moron"? I mean, where do they even find this word. Again, I heard of this word.

But it's not a vulgar. It's a bad word. Cmon! Nowadays, people dun find the word "shit", "stupid" and words like that is offensive.

Well, this kind of words ARE offensive. But people just use it as if it's not. I dunno why. I think it's in order to explain how they feel about it.

Ya, I think without sucks to yell at the children or student. I dunno but I think people find it not offensive this days.

Even though, saying the word "shit" is swearing. Trust me, it is. You're swearing when you say the word "shit". 

And I dunno why some adults say "Say vulgarities are very very offensive, do not ever say them". And dun proof me wrong cuz' sometimes...they'll say it in front of people.

They usually say f***. Sorry. I didn't mean to say it, I'm just explaining to you. I dun mean to yell at you with that. 

Even though I'm not. Anyways, some people say the F word when they got hurt REAL bad. Like example, when they are cooking rice or something...and they accidentally got burnt by the fire, they'll whisper it.

And to tell you, you can hear it clearly. I'm telling you, adults sometimes dun mean what they say. Like even if they say the F word. They always tell you to shut your mouth up.

I dunno why. They're the one should be yelled at for saying that word. 

But I dun use it. No unless I got burn or something. Okay, maybe I'm doing the same thing but some adults are too.

They just pretended like as if they didn't say it. They just dun want the kids to tell their mom or their dad. It's just not fair. But doesn't mean that you can go around and say F you. 

You can't do that. Stupid, people will start yelling at you and you'll get ashamed. Dun ever...and I mean EVER! Say it in the public.

When there's a lot of people. You'll get embarrassed by that. Anyways ummm... ya I dunno why the officers resume it on Monday. Then Friday, the usual day.

Like I said, I like my CCAs to be on Friday. Just like my Scout CCAs in middle school. Okay well, hold on, I gotta go do something. See you guys soon or later. I dunno, bye.

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