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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I love planes ever since I was young :D and stuff...

I was a TOTAL geek. Well, I use to. But now, I'm not. 

Ya, I've changed. But I still love planes. Now it's as if I'm like a normal fan. 

Who's not so geeky anymore. 

Geek- A person who is obsessed with one or more things.

Nerd- A person who avoids intellectual activities


Anyways, now I'm just a normal person. Who still loves planes a lot. But not always in a mood to find out this and that.

I just love the beauty of the plane. That's why I even uploaded the map "Hosties_Hijacked_Plane" to . 

Click here to download Hosties_Hijacked_Plane! If you have cs source

Ya it's only for CS Source. I dunno, there are some half life props that are put into this map. So maybe you guys could play half life 2 with this map.

Maybe. I dunno, cuz' I dun play Half Life 2. I only play Left 4 Dead and CS Source. Left 4 Dead...I use to play that. Right now, I only see this game online.

I didn't really want this game anyway. I just like to see it better online :D.

It's even more scary when you play. I dunno, some people say it's fun and epic. I dunno, I'm not a zombie-player type of person. 

I only play one game on Steam. And that's Counter-Strike:Source. 1.6 and CZ too. But I mostly play Source cuz' the graphics, features, jumps and everything is awesome.

I love the modifications too. Good jump. They made the game so REALLLL!!! Besides. This game is the top game in the FPS History. 

This game started somewhere around the 1990s. I dun really like CS: Online. That game totally suck. It's a chinese version. And yet it's  the same as the old CS. Just that it's made by China.

And also that the menu, GUI and everything is different. It looks a little bit like WarCraft or something. Like StarCraft and stuff like that.

And yet when you wanna find things, it's sort of hard. I dunno, I dun play CS:Online. Oh ya there's also new weapons that I dunno.

But I dun bother, cuz' it's still the old CS. Anyways. What am I doing? I kept getting off TOPIC!!!

Anyways. Ya I also kept making storybooks with plain paper and draw in all of it that I could think. I drew a storybook a few months ago and I dunno where it is now.

I hope I can find it. D:

So ya, I think I started when I was a freshmen in middle school. I started ever since THAT. I dunno, but back there, life was okay. Not that lucky.

I use to be useless and get yell at a lot. Sometimes my dad beat me ith a cane. You know, sugarcane? He uses those stick that is thin and kind of hard.

But anyways, lets go onto the topic of planes, shall we o_0?
Man, I love this plane

It's the Boeing triple-7. Which also means 777 for morons to understand.

Anyways, when I use this plane to draw it in my storybooks. The hardest thing was the side windows.

You know, the side windows of the cockpit? Ya I had a hard time drawing the curved line at the bottom of the window.

How do you shape those things anyway? Well ya, now I'm still waiting for Roy to finish the second version of Hosties_Hijacked_Plane.

Aw..... it's gonna be sooooo good I tell you. He's gonna put actual airline textures onto the plane. 

I actually requested him to put two planes on the map instead of one. And I told him that the first one that he build in the original version to be the KLM texture.

Probably because KLM is a dutch airlines which belongs to his country, Dutch. 

So ummmm...ya I hope the 2nd version comes out. I wish he makes a video of the map so we'll know what's what. 

Oh well, see you guys and like I said, I'll be reviewing either Korea Air Flight 801 or Air Transat Flight 236.

Cya next time guys!!! :D

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