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Monday, March 21, 2011

Air Crash Investigation: Slight Change

Okay guys. I think I'll skip the Air Transat Flight 236 and Korea Air Flight 801 first. Cuz' I think this case here is more interesting.

Kind of like TWA 800. But different. Almost the same. I dunno. Lol. 

Ya we're gonna do China Airlines Flight 611. This is gonna be the next review. Sorry, but ya, I'm making a slight change.

So ya, sorry about that. I just watched a little bit of the first part but not fully.

Okay. Then we're move on to Air Transat Flight 236. Cuz' I love planes flown by europeans and americans. 

Okay I know this episode also has asian pilots flying this plane. But sorry, China Airlines was my favourite so I had no choice.

I had to watch it D:

Ya I dunno. I dun think I'll do Korea Air Flight 801. Maybe, I still haven't decide yet. So ya, I'm need some time.

So we're go onto China Airlines then, Air Transat. Sorry, I'm not actually doing this for YOU guys. No, I'm not doing it. I'm doing it for myself.

But the thing is. Term 2 of my school has already started. So I need to get my butts on homework. Sorry. Ya I dun really have time for watching this and that yet. 

I'll watch it when I'm free. You know, after or before my homework. I dunno. But ya, I need to copy down notes and revise them.

My class always have no homework at all. Well, only sometimes but not very much. Sad):

I hate it that we dun have homework. Okay, now I sound like a total geek of homework. Sorry man, I just gotta go to a higher level next time.

I dun wanna get stuck with all this noisy and naughty kids. I hate them. I wanna be in a better class that doesn't get so noisy.

You know, I'm being in the worst class ever. And it is. My class was the only bell runner. 

And what I meant was that it is noisy. That was just an expression. Get it, lay it. Lay it? What does that even mean? Lol. 

Okay. I dun wanna stay in the low level. In school, you can't be nothing. You gotta be something. Get good grades and get a good job next time.

That's what people say. Why dun you invest too? Maybe you could be the CEO of your company next time. So dun be TOO greedy about money.

Money isn't always free you know. Well, money is money but...I dunno, some people say that they have to pay a single note to give people from the government.

But anyways, I just hope I get a higher level next year. So um...sorry I get off topic. So ummm... see you guys in the China Airlines Flight 611 Review. Cya!

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