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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hosties_Hijacked_Plane Map For CS:Source finally submitted

I got this map finally submitted to I tried like 4 times to submit this damn thing to the website and it didn't work until now. 

And I'm just really excited that I got it submitted. I'm only excited in my mind. I swear I wanna jump up and down now. Cuz' this map is what I love. 


Ya I found this map at the forum right here:
Click here to view forum

Now I made the screenshots myself. Cuz the screenshots I took from the forum didn't work at all. So I had to make some myself. And I actually made like 10 to 15. You can download it from the first link above. 

So ya you can see the screenshots from either forum or the download(the first link). I recommend mine. My one is better with the screenshots. 

You can also see more screenshots made by Roy[NL] at the forum. Oh well, you guys can choose with the forum and the first link download. 

The first link download is recommended by ME! YA!!!!WOO!!!

Okay well, have fun.

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