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Thursday, March 3, 2011

FlightPlan 2005 Movie Review

I've watched this movie ever since I was young as a kid. I loved this movie when I was a complete airplane geek. I was so obsessed with the beauty of the planes so much that I even wanna watch movies and games with planes.

Now years have past, I have lost half of my interest in planes now. I dun like fighter planes. I only like Boeings and Airbuses. 

Anyways, this movie was okay I guess. The plane they flew was like half-747 and half-a380. These are some pics of the plane:
Ya this is a wallpaper so it's not really a clear picture of the plane itself.

If you wanna get a clear view of the plane. Click here.

Then click "Explore Aalto Airlines E-474. Then you can pretty much see the whole thing. Anyways, here's a graph of how heavy the plane is compared to:
Now here's how tall, heavy and long the e-474 is. It is as heavy as two whales. As long as five fighter planes. And takes ten tall basketballers to reach the roof of the plane.

Now is that crazy? I mean, who builds a big and retarded plane like that? That's stupid. Okay so here's what I'm gonna talk about the plane.

Weight- Okay seriously, two whales are they crazy or mad? You can get a plane that heavy to get off the ground. The plane is gonna fall. I think the movie crew are a bunch of morons. 

Height- What if the plane could hit something huh? Did you guys see how big the plane is compared to the terminal at the start of the movie trailer? Shitty.

Length- Same as if it could hit something.

Okay well, good thing this plane doesn't exist. Anyway, I think I'm getting tired of writing this review. Guess I'll end this, bye.

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