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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family respect and love

Nowadays, I haven't been respecting my mom as she is. I didn't really appreciate her at anything and she knows that.

I dunno what's wrong with me this days...why can't I control myself. Now, I know this is very personal and I shouldn't have been like this to Mom. She got a broken heart.

I feel sad for her, and embarrassed for myself. What have I done? What gives me the right to disrespect my mother? Why can't I just LISTEN!?

Mom has now a broken heart. And I understand how she feels. I just didn't wanna react to anything. I wanna act brave. We set at the living room to talk about it.
Just look at that pic, look how painful she is. I shouldn't have disrespect her.

That's why people say respecting your family is the key to a happy family. And also the key to a obedient son. Why didn't I think of that. 

Well ya, I am thinking of it right now but...why didn't I think of it earlier. Just wish I could go back in time to change everything.

But I dun have to do that. Life moves on, going back in time to change history, is cheating. Sometimes it's worth the doing. When life moves on, you have to show her that you really change from who you were. 

Not who you are. I just hoped I will really show her that I change her attitude. Change it into a good one, not a bad one.
Well, all I wanna say is.... SORRY. Sorry for my anger and my bad attitude. 

<-----This is how much
         I'm sorry to you, 
         Mom ); 

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