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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chihuahua 2 Trailer

This is well, a movie about chihuahuas and basically, there's also other dogs in this movie. Heh heh. Anyways um...ya if you haven't watch the first movie, then do it.

You'll know the first adventure. It's alright anyway. This one, ya I watched it online. The first one was on Disney Channel.

And yes, I have cable. This adventure is well, okay I guess. It's actually quite funny. I dunno, I just can't find what to say. I just hope someone can help me.

It's okay if they dun. Anyway, I like Delgado and Pedro. Pedro was a like a old mansion waiter or something. And obviously the smile is more like a monster mouth. 

Ya there was a scene where the robbers were unpacking the bags of monies and after Papi Jr. tried his best shot scaring them. Pedro was behind, showing his terrifying teethes. 

Then he was opening all the way, very wide. And it was more like a monster who's ready to eat the shit out of them. But of course, this movie doesn't contain any violence or blood. 

It's a fun movie. And adventrous, like I said. Anyways, I love this movie and this review got totally off topic, at first. So ya, I dunno if I had the review of the first Chihuahua movie. I'm not sure.

Anyways, you guys should see the movie if you haven't. It's okay and funny. Well, I gotta go play some CS:S Beta. Bye!

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