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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

China Airlines Flight 611 Scratching On The Surface(Nat Geo) Review

Ya I watched China Airlines Flight 611 episode. It was very much similar like the TWA 800.

But does not ignite when it breaks apart. The plane broke up because of an un-repaired plate.

22 years ago, the plane was only 6 months old. When it landed, the tail stroke the surface of the runway. It's also known as "The Tail Strike".

It scratched onto the runway when it landed. That repair wasn't done properly. There was a doubler plate over the damage area.

The engineer did not repair it on a regular basis. They were suppose to cut the piece out, and replace it with a new plate.

But instead, a doubler plate has been covering the damaged area for 22 years. 22 years, after the China Airlines was re-painted and ready to fly. It broke apart.

That damage on the plane got pressured by the air inside the plane. And that when passengers are smoking, the smoke travels through the fuselage.

Then, that crack started. It started cracking around that tail like a spider-web. Going in all different directions that you could think of.

When there's pressure, that crack grew and basically it looped itself around the tail. 

And then the breakup begins. The tail section got cut off. The whole plane started falling apart. All of it fell into the ocean floor below.

Some pieces of the plane even flew 100 metres from it's crash side. Ya, there was one part where a safety menu fall from the sky. 

And a boy playing football found it. Man, what the hell. What's the boy gonna do with it? Using it for goal or something?

I dunno. But ya, when the plane fall apart, it sounded like the tectonic plates moving here and there.

The breakup was even more awesome than TWA. Obviously the TWA is an explosion. China Airlines was when the tail broke up then followed by the rest of the plane.

Okay ya, I actually find it kind of stupid that they're putting a doubler plate onto the damaged tail of the plane.

It doesn't make it go away like magic. THE CRACK IS STILL THERE!
I think this mechanics are a bunch of idiots. 

Or maybe. They said the thing was too big too cut out for the new plate. I dunno what the hell the mechanics are thinking.

Who told them that? If you could put a doubler plate that is the exact size of the damaged area, you can also use that plate to replace the damaged one.

Stupid. I dunno but this people aren't smart this days. Well, I'm not saying they're stupid. It's just they didn't bother to replace it with a new one.

But the breakup debris sounded epic. But anyways, this was not much of a review anyway.

Cuz' I gotta admit, this episode didn't took that long to finish. It wasn't like 45 mins. It was like half an hour. I'm not sure.

But it was five parts. Shitty. Anyways, ya, I'll give you the link to the parts of this episode on YouTube.

Part: 1 2 3 4 5

Click 1,2,3,4 or 5. Or just go straight ahead by using the suggestions bar instead of just coming back here and click all 5 numbers.

But ya, if you think I group this links really good. It was nothing. Gotta tell you, it's very easy.

You just put 1 on the title and put the link below when you're in the link window.

Then space. Then when you put part 2, the link will still be behind the 1. As you can see what I just did. 

Anyways, ya, so ummmm...this is a great episode and kind of simplified I guess.

So ummm...ya comment, share and get more viewers. :D Ya I'm starting to use this emoticon more often. I find it fun. Imagine a person doing that in real life.

Oh no wait, it's not this one. Shit! 

Okay but THAT is funny. A cat smiling. I bet you'll laugh your ass off with this.

Okay well...bye!

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