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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I hate camping

Okay I know this pic here looks kind of weird. It's from the Left 4 Dead Epic parody.

So I found a pic. And then put the text that Francis hates camping. Lol. Anyway, I'm not here to discuss about that.

I'm here to talk about how I hate campings. Campings suck for me. I dun like going away from my family. I'll be miserable. I'll be HOMESICK!

And I dun like camping in this kind of places. Ya I have a camp tomorrow. So I won't be back until the next 2 days. 

Ya this camp is only 2 days, 1 night. Even though it's a quick camp, I still dun like to go there. I'll cry out loud. Really. But not in front of all the cadets.

I'll shame myself. But ya, I hope this camp is worth it. Well, I am looking forward for the LIVE FIRING. That's awesome.

We'll be firing the SAR 21 with real silver bullets. It is exciting but I dunno if it's the right bullets. They look like cosmetic bullets than a real bullet.

I've seen it on TV.
Ya this is the gun I'm actually gonna fire with. 

But it looks kind of like a Steyr AUG. But very different. The charging handle is on below the scope that looks like a tube.

And this gun is actually one of the easiest rifle to disassemble. But anyways, ya we still gotta learn how to disassemble and reassemble it again. And fire it! 

But I think we're gonna have to lie down on the grass. Yaks man! But anyway. I dunno but I still dunno about this camp.

The live firing was the only thing I was looking for. And get this, we're sleeping in a bunk. Something like this. I dunno. Maybe it's just one bed with lockers behind.

Maybe we sleep one bed or two. I wish it was two beds. So I could sleep on the higher bed and message Mom. Yay. I'm not sure if they wake up at night to check if all cadets are asleep.

Hmm...I think we'll sleep late. I'm not sure. But the thing I hate MOST about the camp is the toilet. The toilet sucks.

The bathing floor is either rocky or rough. I dunno.

But it better be tiles. Not rough or rocky. Those kind of floors suck. And have more than one hanger. I hate dirty bathing rooms.
The bathing rooms should be like this. With fine tiles. But of course, I think they should lower the tiles in the bathing cubicals so that the water doesn't come out of the cubical. Should be 5 or 2 inches. 

Well, see you guys on Friday. Or Thursday, cuz' that is when I come back. I hope we just had our breakfast morning and have some fun activites and HEAD HOME! I just want that for the last day.

And leave in the afternoon. I dun wanna stay there for too long. I hate when the last day last so long. No. I want all of this difficult stuff to be done on the first DAY. 

So uhhh...see you guys. Again. 

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