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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lack of trustfulness

 You wanna unbelievable my parents can be? You wanna know?

Very! I'm suck of it whenever they always ask me to go out with them when no one's at home. 

Yeah my face is probably like Ichigo's face here too, haha >:(

But I'm serious! Why can't they just learn to let go of me? Why do they keep ripping off my hands everytime? (Not literally)

And by "ripping off my hands", I meant they always have to make me step out of the house with them. I mean...what kind of parents are these?

They can't even trust me to be alone at home. And it's not fair comparing to my brother and sister, they get to stay at home alone whenever they want.

Good for them! But me? Unbelievable. In this case I'm talking about, they just think I have to depend on them to be at home.

You know what? I don't give a damn about it. I cry out loud and I wish I could just stand up to them. Raise my voice and tell them it's time they stop thinking that I can't be alone.

And yes right now, they gave up and leave without me. Now they'll know how I handle myself at home without them.

I can already do things I know at home. Why can't they see that? It just sucks like heck if you ask me...if my mom and dad's parents were here, they should be dissapointed that their own son or daughter can't even trust their child.

Manage? There's still time to do stuff and what are they thinking? this the end of the world? No right!? So they gotta quit thinking that I'll be lost without them.

And mind their own business as everyone does. I have my own decision, why do they have to go and pull it out of me?

Are they being any wiser just by forcing me to go out? They don't even wanna answer some of the simple questions I ask...

That just proves that they are salt! What's their point!? Just wanna be with them? That's still pretty much the same.

If they were to come up with another point, then show it! I decide my own future and they shouldn't be stopping me no matter the age.

Are we human beings? ARE WE!? Yes then stop forcing each other to do this and that and start trusting each other no matter WHAT!

No then get the heck out of our planet and go back to your home planet, cuz' you're not human and you shouldn't belong on Earth.

We're they same species. This is no mistake I'm making. There's nothing to learn from here. Yes love and concern comes but please! 

This two things in some cases, just gives the person a lack of trust. Cases like this. And so, I hope my mom finds this and accept my opinion.

Like half an hour ago, I'm taking a poop and yes I did go in the bathroom by time they were ready. They think I'm lying...

I already told them I'm not being a liar and they're just putting glue and stick their ears to the wall cuz' they can't seem to understand my condition.

I said I'm having a really bad ache in my stomach...or intestines(Cuz' most of our lower torso contains the intestines.

And so, I had to deposit some waste dumps from my buttock. Okay that sounds kinda funny :) But I'm not in a mood for amusement.

Anyways, they hurt. And I set on the seat until my pain goes away. My parents seem like they never gone to the bathroom before to take a poop with a bad stomachache.

When your tummy is hurting when you're sitting on the toilet, it hurts when you try to get up. Do they know that? I'm not sure about that.

I know that if you set on the toilet seat for too long, when you rub your butthole, it has tiny amount of blood shown.

That happens because when we seat there for too long, a huge amount of blood is actually concentrating on the arteries of your butt.

The longer you seat there, the more blood will clog your butthole. So it's best to wipe your buttock after a minute.

The minute is when you wait to feel if there's still some more of the waste dump that's gonna come out. That's what I do. After a few seconds when nothing comes out...

I force it to come out for at least 4 seconds. If nothing comes out. I wait for a minute while counting 10 seconds six times. Making a total of 60 minutes which...

We all know, it equilateral to a minute. Then after a minute, if it didn't come out. Then! I'm wipe the brown stuff off my butt.

But I had no choice, I mean...for one purpose, I didn't want to go out cuz' I just did in the afternoon till evening.

My daily planning is like this. If I go out once, it's alright. Two? I don't really like to make two trips. One is good enough for me.

If there's another place you wanna go, just go! You don't have to come home and then later make a second trip.

Just go there straight away. If there's something you need to take from home, grab it quick. Or just put it in your car at the first place. So later you can just take it from your trustworthy mechanical wagon.

And by mechanical wagon, I meant the car. Do everything in one shot and that's it! Keep it simple and do it all in one trip, in one day. 


Well! I'm think I'm done talking here.

I hope my parents understand and trust me. Glad to be with you all ^_^

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