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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Instrumental music I get

Alright! It's been quite a few weeks now since I haven't posted one single entry on my blog. So right now, one begins :D

Lol XD That was kinda awesome. And yeah this fist was suppose to be in the air so...


You all listen to songs that popularized the internet and everywhere. Even on TV. Songs like Pumped Up Kicks, Party Rock Anthem, Paradise, Fly and all those awesome songs...

But in some cases whenever you guys went onto my blog, you'll hear songs that are familiar. But yet no one was singing. 

That's because the one I embedded here was an instrumental one. Which means it's the song with no vocal.

No one singing this song. Just the music itself. Which is in some cases, this purpose was for your voice to come out rather than the singers themselves. 

But some people would rather prefer the singer to do it for them. Cuz' I dunno, maybe they're bad at singing I guess? I dunno :P

And I just listen to instrumental. Just curious to find out what it sounds like. Like now, this song here is Vanilla Twilight.

Adam isn't singing it at all. Cuz' the vocal was removed. And therefore you only listen to the music as I said it before.

So now it is what it is. Of course, the original vocalized one isn't gone ^^ It's still there. This is just another video silly.

Lol XD Why do I sound like a girl at that part? Jeez...

But umm...anyways yes. The songs you like, just go YouTube as usual. In the search bar, type your favourite song name. 

Ah ah! Hold it...type "instrumental" behind the title. So once you hit the enter button or if you rather use the on the magnifying glass button.

Which less people do that though...

But anyways once you got the results, you'll have what you asked for. If you're using it for a blog theme like me, it's best if you go search for HQ sound/audio.

So that'll sound clearer and it feels fresh when you listen to it when people look at your blog entries.

Yeah :|


Well! That'll be all. I appreciate you reading all this :) Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :) 

Hehe, never forgotten my last XD Okay bye! :D