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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Possible airplane trip :D

I'm not sure Mom said when my Dad comes back from China, he's gonna bring me there.

I dunno how long we're gonna be there. I hope Mom is there. But she's not so sure about it yet. She said she'll see how things are going and stuff.

I might even fly a triple seven :D I hope so. Cuz' we're flying to Guangzhou. Maybe a 747, maybe. I dunno.

But even though that big boy is well...does not give me any interest. I like it interest shown.

We might be taking Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines also flies to US. So that's good, that's good. Or other airlines.

I hope the seat we're taking is a window seat. Aisle seats suck! They're boring, you don't even get to see the outside.

And that it's in front of the engine or...above the wing. It's either this:

Yeah actually both of the views are awesome. The one where it's in front of the engine... you can see smoke pouring out during take-off and the engines start ups.

And also the slats. But they're not that amazing to look at. They're just slats.

The one that's above the wing(shown in picture) is awesome. But you can see almost everything. There's actually one video where the window view is like this:

Yeah it's amazing. You can see the flaps going in and out. The ailerons and spoilers.

Of course, I won't forget the ones with a view of the front of the engine. Here are 2 videos:

Oh yeah...and when the plane takes off, you'll see the engine completely filled with it's very own smoke O_O

=.= ===3

It won't occur to some airplanes but mostly, they do. The engine has gone mad >:O

:D Lol

Anyways, I didn't really like flying on 747. I'm different from other people. They usually think the 747 and the 380 is the best.

Well, it is. But in my opinion, they're okay to me. Nothing special. I only like the triple seven. Or should I say 777.

Yeah like I said, we're going to Guangzhou. I hope it's 3 or 2 days. Don't wanna stay there too long.

The other thing was that I hope I don't get headache or stomachache or else I'll die. But if it's stomachache, it's okay. There's a few lavatories to use and poop.

And to let you know, all your poop and pees are all stored in a truck and sent for burning O_O

Oh my god, I think I'm about to puke. Nah not really, I'm just saying. Cuz' it made me felt like it.

You people should know what I mean. Maybe there are some information I could take from this trip and put it on my storybook :D

Usually if you have any sickness, never get on a plane. And I mean...NEVER. Usually because the air pressure is high and you won't take it.

Trying to reduce it won't help at all. So you gotta stay at home. Mostly being in a plane... you'll puke the shit out of you.

And got sick. The plane actually has a vomit bag. Whenever you wanna vomit, you take the bag...and vomit in it.

Usually happens. But just make sure your pants are not pressing on your belly. You're gonna feel sick.

Another thing is ummm...I hope Dad or Mom booked a window seat. I actually wanna bring a camera. So I could film what's outside the plane.

Normally they inform you that you can't use it cuz' it'll send signals but cameras normally don't send signals at all. They're just a recording device.

Only phones and laptops sends out signals cuz' they send stuff to each other. I'll try my best to actually take a camera onto a plane.

Alright anyways, I gotta rest now. Feeling sick. Cya guys later. Remember to: Comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

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