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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A computer that has the mind of it's own...

Oh my god, I swear this computer is freaking stupid! What the heck is wrong with this computer!? ):<

What the freak is wrong with this computer? I was editting some of my submissions on my GameBanana/FPSBanana profile.

Writing down some HTML codes. And guess what the freak this computer f_ _ _ing close the window.

What the heck is wrong with this computer? I didn't even do anything to it. I didn't bang against it or anything that involves harm to the computer.

Then it just goes ahead and haywire closed that window. What the freak! Man, this computer always destroy stuff. 

You ask me to give it a chance? Well guess what, f_ _ _ that chance. I've given this computer many chances to stop going haywire and now see what happens...

I can't even load a video on YouTube at all. Once it buffers finished, it didn't do anything. It just sits there and shows me a complete black screen.

What the heck, computer, what the heck! I don't have time for you to just go ahead and destroy all my work. 

Okay? I had to control my temper unless I wanted to break it into pieces again. Seriously, this computer sucks ass.

I don't give a shit about it. It just so happens to hang up on me. And if you're wondering what kind of computer I use, it's a laptop. And it's this model:

Yes, it looks really old and I think the problem is...when it's that old, it doesn't have a large amount of disk space.

And look at the size of it, it big. And the freaking RAM doesn't even give a shit. It's a small RAM and from that, it sucks ass. Okay maybe the ass isn't really necessary but it sucks.

Okay? It just sucks. I could only play games and stuff. It doesn't even have enough space to load my Steam client. 

Or platform. Looks like I'm gonna find a way to use this. And get this, the computer has 5 dotted lines on the screen going vertical.

The first one is green. The second and third are purple and the forth and fifth are green.

Now that completely gets in my way, and it can't be helped. Even try to get a fist on it won't make any difference. 

But sometimes you just can't help it, you angered so much that you just wanna lay a fist on it. Probably like HULK. 

I'm not trying to joke here. Stop laughing. Jeez, I dunno what the shit I'm gonna do with this crap load over here.

It doesn't even have the guts to load any faster. I think this computer is trying to request me to delete stuff that is necessary for me and itself.

I think it's being like some kind of retard that doesn't even know the things it really needs. And the person who's uses it more often, which is me.

And yet, it kept sending requests to delete unnecessary files. Well, guess what? Jackass, the files are necessary and deal with that.

=.= Anyways, I'm not sure when my mom is gonna be home soon. And yes, I live with my mom. I'm not that old to live alone in a shitty ass apartment.

XD Lol, shitty ass apartment. I took that from Peter Chao :D To subscribe to him, click on this subscribe button:
 Aw great, now see what happens, THE VIDEOS LOADED FASTER AGAIN! :) See what the heck, it must be oh...when I blog about something and then this happened.

The videos load faster that happened. I dunno man, I think all this computer wants me to do is blog about something or at least say something about it.

But seriously, I dunno dude. You might think that I'm gonna say..."I'll give this computer another chance, let's just hope it doesn't happen again". No. I will not tell it that.

Cuz' from what I know, it'll come back again. Slowing down the videos and stuff. That's why I cannot rely on it to load faster, cuz' it'll happen over and over again.

Besides, there's nothing I can do. Deleting the files will only make my work to not have to ability to do pro stuff.

Well, if this computer continues to improve, I would be delighted. Seriously. Okay you know what? I dunno. Okay? I dunno if it's gonna slow down again...or anything.

But here's just one simple advice for this computer, load things faster. Okay? Okay, now I'm just talking to a machine.

I dunno. But I dunno what I should do. It's pointless even if I wish this computer to load faster, cuz' it'll happen again.

Man I dunno, okay? But anyways, remember to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

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