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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stupid HTML/Javascript of hosties hijacked plane blog

Man. You know that HTML/Javascript tool, right? Well, I tried doing a contact icon list like what you see above.

I was trying to do it on the Hosties_Hijacked_Plane blog. And yet it didn't work at all. I mean, I did paste the number of codes and everything, but the "Save" button is stuck. I tried restarting it, but it came to the same problem D:

I mean, what the heck, man? How come it didn't work? So I had to end up using the "Link List" tool >:(

Stupid blogger tool. If it works on MY blog, why didn't it work on the Hosties_Hijacked_Plane? Huh? What the heck is the computer's problem?

To see the Hosties_Hijacked_Plane blog, click on this image:
 Yes I know, the poster looks awesome. I made it.

Now, even though I said that the HTML/Javascript didn't work on Hosties_Hijacked_Plane, I'm sorry about what I said. 

It's just that I don't know why the "Save" button didn't work. I mean, I did type out the title(which was my first thought of the problem) and the codes required.

But the Save button just went froze. Only the "Cancel" and the "Remove/Back" buttons work D:

What the heck man? Why only those buttons work? Huh? Is this computer trying to deny the request? Or is it defying me?

I dunno what happened to this computer. But I just hope the next time I do a HTML/Javascript tool on the Hosties_Hijacked_Plane blog, it works.

Alright. This is gonna be a short post. Obviously. I still have some short posts on my blog. You guys can go check it out. If you don't, get off my blog and Hosties_Hijacked_Plane blog! 

You're not welcome here if you don't care about this. 

But ahh...I just need some luck. Alright well, see you guys soon and remember to comment, share and get more viewers!

Bye :)

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