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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Google Chrome tutorial: How to change your Google Chrome theme

Hello everyone. This is another tutorial written by me. And today I'm gonna be teaching you how to change your Google Chrome theme. 

And of course, you need Google Chrome in order to do this. Okay. So first of all, what you need to do is:

1. Go to:

2. From there, type "Google Chrome themes".
3. Next, there's two links in the results list, on the very first two options, there is one which is the homepage and the other one is the gallery.

Click to Zoom
I suggest you click the second one. And as you can see, I've already change my theme :D

4. Then there, you can see a bunch of themes. And of course, all this belongs to Google itself.

Click to Zoom
5. Now find the theme you want. Of course, scroll down slowly to see which one you want, on "Apply theme".

6. After that, the file will be downloaded. Not to your desktop, your documents, files, etc. But to the Google Chrome file.

7. It's done automatically. You don't even need to go ahead and do that :D Yes. And after that download tab appears below.

8. There'll be a Loading bar in front of you. Wait. After it loads, close the Google Chrome you're using right now. 

9.Then open it up again to restart the program.'re DONE! There you go, you have your favourite theme on your blog right now :D

Okay well, now that this tutorial is done. Time for a video :D

Note: That if you have a small amount of disk space, the customized Google Chrome theme will slow down any videos that you see. To change it back, watch this video:
Then exit and open Google Chrome to restart the program so that your videos will buffer faster than usual.
Alright. Thanks for reading and watching this tutorial, I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial of how to change your Google Chrome.

Hope you have fun picking on your favourite Google Chrome and hope to see you soon :)

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Bye :)

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