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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Counter Strike Source works on other computer );

 Well, my PC  Ram is only 494mb. It couldn't really support the CS:S Beta. 

It only can be installed in those computers which RAMs are 3.00GB to 4.00GB. And I'm not really sure if GB is bigger than MB or MB is bigger than GB. I really suck at that, I know.

I wish my CPU is like my brother's. His one is 4GB, I checked when he got to the restroom. I really hope one day I got another RAM for my computer. Hmm...

If anyone could help, comment. You know, I've seen what it looks like inside a computer before. So there are 3 slots for the RAMs available. I think only one slot is secured with a ram. Really need to put one more ram into the second slot.

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