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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CS:CZ screenshot taking problem

I had to say, I dunno why my computer can't even take a screenshot of the vGUI in cs:cz picture in-game.

See, the Bender Toons VGUI I uploaded on FPSBANANA. And last night, I saw that it's withheld. The admin told me to add a screenshot.

So I went into the game, try to press F5, F4, F12, it didn't work. I tried changing the keys in the Options.

It still doesn't work at all. That's jank! You hear me?!JANK! Man, I can't believe that admin would "withheld" my download for everyone on fpsbanana.

Well, at last I copy a screenshot from other vGUIs and paste it on paint. And take my picture and paste it on. Then I got to the Bender Toons VGUI download I made. Edit, upload the image, Save and write to the admin that I've done it.

Here, here's what I did:
So I put the picture and covered it. And I hope the admin would accepted it and bring back the download.

Hope this works and let people use this vGUI. ^^

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