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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Embing Videos onto the blogger tutorial

1. Go to
2. And then go to any videos you wanna post on blogger. Once you've finished searching.
3. Go to the video.
4. When the page opens up, you can either let it play or pause it. And then scroll a little bit to the bottom of the video.
5. Then this is what it'll look like when the embed window pops up in the page.

6. Here you can see what to do. I dun have to tell you^^
7. So once you've done that, make sure you right click and copy the code.
8. Go to your blog and
 Of course.
9. Sign in and go to any blog you've created and click "New Post".
10. When it opens up, Type any title you want.
11. GO to the "Edit HTML" tab above the post box.
12. Paste the embed code there.
13. Then click on the "Compose" tab. Then you're done. You can type something if you want, below the video.
14. Make sure you click "SAVE NOW".
15. And then click "PUBLISH POST".
16. After you've done that, click "View Post" and it'll look something like that:

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