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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three people gone :( Part 2

Okay now I got official words for three people being gone. And went to their trips. I seriously freaking MISS THEM! D:<

In fact, I couldn't even wait to go home. And I was gonna get worried I'm gonna have my detention. But good thing the science trip came in. Our class got to this clay making workshop.

At some kind of old school like building. One story mainly. And make clay cups. And this lesson will carry throughout every Tuesday. Sh**ty huh?

In fact, I also didn't like class excursions anymore. They're freaking filthy. And yet the rain had to come in. And I hate to wait at the building until somehow my friend, Brandon.

Has his mom to pick him up. Lucky enough, the mother gave an umbrella to our teacher and me. Then we walked back to school. 

The workshop isn't far from our school. All we had to do was to walk this huge long walkway and cross a bridge along the canals.

And we got there. So it sucks a lot to walk that long back to school. Especially when it's raining. And my pants got a little wet. 

It feels like as if there's really water in there but not really. As if, okay? As if. 

And I got my maid waiting at the train station entrance for 3 hours. God damnit, if it wasn't for the rain. We would've made home sooner.

But I did learn one valuable lesson from this. Always bring an umbrella, cuz' you might never know when it's going to rain. So unfortunately, that sucked for me cuz' I didn't bring one.

And now I have to walk to school in the train. It just really sucks without my mom being here. With her, my life wouldn't be so hard.

I actually even need her at home the whole time. Yeah my parents left the car at home. And that freaking sucks. Cuz' everytime I look down the carpark in our house...

I makes me think of them. Aw! I miss my dad, my mom and my brother. Without them, my life would never have been the way it use to be.

My mom even left her laptop here. I saw it and it made me think of her. Just sitting there playing her Pet Society on facebook and emails. 

It just sucks not seeing her being there for me. I don't hear a freaking word from her. And the phone can't receive her signal. 

The only thing for now that I could do is to text message her. To tell her what I did after school today so she wouldn't miss it.

Well my maid and I got to this barber shop in the middle of shops that goes under the train station where we arrive.

Yeah my maid pick me up today cuz' I have to go and get myself a haircut. And my maid had some bucks on her so we bought three breads.

The first one was this oval bun bread. That has spicy chicken floss on it. Hopefully some of you know what flosses are. It's this packed up furball that is usually made out of...chicken.

Or any other meat. Well it's the essence that's added in. You can't possibly hope to turn a chicken into flosses.

They're like this tasty meat flavor clouds. And then inside the bun was this weird delicious tasting cream. I dunno how to describe it.

But whatever it is, I think it's caramel mixed with milk or something. I dunno. And then later I tasted the second bread I bought.

It was...a coffee bread. Well this bread has a crusted crispy shell. Then's apparently made out of coffee. And it taste awesome.

Well the bread is actually kind of hollow. But the deepest layer within tasted like fried cheese. Lol XD I dunno how fried cheese looks like.

But it's just my way of describing it. And I ate it, it's nice :) And oh god, you know what? I don't care. I freaking MISS MY MOM! D:

Oh god, she's like the whole world to me. Well...almost. And of course it does kind of include my dad. And a stupid small parade is going on outside my house.

I swear, it's freaking annoying! Aw sh** I can barely concentrate on my blog. God damnit shut the heck up! Jeez...

The parade is going on for some reason. Whatever it is, I don't wanna care. All I care is that that freaking parade gets out of the neighborhood. It's annoying the sh** out of me! AWWW SHUT UP!

And it does make me feel like pulling hair off my head. But I don't wanna, cuz' I just have a freaking haircut.

Anyways, yeah I just really hate to see them go and left their things behind. Mostly referring on the laptops and the car.

They really make me miss my mom, dad and my brother. 

Well for one thing today I didn't watch Transformers 3. Was kind of lazy to. And well, the good news is that my sister is alright now. 

Yay :D At least I won't be alone sitting her looking at deviantART messages all day. And blogging and going on YouTube to see if there's any new videos.

I just do :)

And I got a last bread left. It's this light yellow, orange bun that has like 3 to 5 raisins on the surface. 

And the bread is filled with a lot of freaking sweet cheese cream. Oh god, I wish I'm the one who ate it. Well soorrryy. Okay? Cuz' I love breads like this.

I just can't help it sometimes. Lol XD

Some breads just can't be resisted. And tomorrow I have a freaking detention to see if I was to have an excuse or not.

I have a tuition that is freaking important to me rather than that stupid detention. Wasting my time sitting there like a piece of sh**.

Well I got this detention because I didn't attempt to this class trip. Yeah that freaking sucks. I mean, seriously? Detention? What the heck is that going to do? It's not going to teach me anything.

I'm like...

I just skipped a class trip. But you're going to make me stay at school for 2 and a half hours? Seriously? Sh**ty dude, sh**ty!

All the teacher have to do was to ask me why I didn't go. That's all. Did he have to give me detention? What was I to deserve? 

Just let the detention thing get off his mind for one second. Oh god. All he had to do was to just ask me why.

He doesn't really have to give me all this sh**ty business. Well thanks to my science teacher. We had the excursion. 

So thanks for all that. It really made my day not having detention. But it has been postponed. What the sh** dude. What the sh**!

Giving me a lot of crap. Well yeah I totally could've just went for that trip. And I wouldn't get this sh**ty detention.

And obviously I need to slow down on the sh**ty and sh**. Using it too much. Okay? How about crap? Huh? Is that good enough for ya?

Okay...crap :)

Crappy :)

Lol XD But I just hope my mom falls sick in some sort of sickness that she had to come home. Take a bath and rest.

And from that on, we can have some fun things to do together :D Somehow. She did once actually.

She felt sick and went came home. I did tried to take care of her though. I dunno, I don't remember what exactly it happened. 

I can't even estimate when it happened. But overall, I just don't get why she has to go out of the house for a week.

It's just so sad :( I'm loyal to my mom. Lol XD But I think most of you don't really like your moms that much.

But come on, she's the woman who gave birth to you. She's the reason you exist in this world. Without her, you'll be nothing but a drop inside of god.

Yes our souls are just a drop of god. Don't tell me you don't know that.

But as all. I miss the things we do when my mom, dad and brother was in. You know I'm actually kind of worried about my brother when he comes back.

And I meant that kind of in a bad way. It's because I dunno if he'll come back all sweaty. All sticky and filthy.

I dunno >:( I just hope this house doesn't get infected with all the germs that he got from Malaysia. I normally won't touch people when they came home until they take two bathes. 

Cuz' that's just my way of hugging people after they came home from their overseas trip. 

But oh god, there's gonna be tomorrow. And all the way till next Monday. It's next Monday that they come home. It's just sad to see them gone for that long :(

It really is. I mean...why do they have to go!? Why?

Besides the reason that they had a business trip! D:< And my sister was actually sleeping in her room. It's hard for me to realise that though.

That she was sleeping in her room the entire time until a few minutes ago. Well a few minutes ago would be because I'm typing sh** on the computer.

And if you haven't seen my random part one of "Three people gone". Sad face. 


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I also find it hard to change the blog theme. I mean, this song is just so awesome. It's the song they used for the Smurfs 2011 credits.

But the lyrics just repeat sometimes. Kind of sucks. But the song is freaking awesome :D Overall.

So I guess we'll just stick with this song in the main time. Lol XD I accidentally type theme instead of time.

Lmao XD

Oh well, it has been quite a day without them. Just couldn't wait for them to come back home. My dad and my brother ;(

Please! Please come home soon :)

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