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Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting the copy!!! :D

Aw awesome is this :D

I'm getting my copy of Transformers Dark of the Moon DVD. Wow :D I'm so excited. Yeah my mom told me last night that she'll pay the copy for me. 

Oh god I'm so excited. Well kinda cuz' now I just woke up and...yeah. I just dunno how. The next time I go out with them...

Mom said if we ever pass by or saw any DVD store. She's gonna get it for me :D Yay. 

This is so awesome. I love this, can't wait. But hopefully not today cuz' mom and dad left without me. Dude, I fine with it cuz' all I want is to stay home for at least a few days to chill the heck out. 

Looks like things are working out after all. Freedom is the right of all sentiment beings >:D 


Hopefully the next few days, I'll get it. Do I have a plan for it? Yeah I'm gonna do another dA art when I reach home.

After I take a bath of course. 

Alright well...I'm gonna go dA now so cya guys soon :D Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)