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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Shorten Your URL with

Hi everybody. Today. I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how to shorten a URL. Ya I've seen people on facebook using short URLs.

So now, I know how to do it. Okay.

1. Go to

2. Now open a new tab.
3. Then go to any websites you wanna shorten.
4. Right click and Copy.
5. Then return to
6. Then paste the long URL there.

7. As you see, I've pasted the URL I wanna shorten. Then click "Shorten". And then the short URL will appear. Click "Copy".

8. Then there you have it. Then paste that URL where you want to paste to.

Okay. So I've shown you a tutorial of how to shorten a url. Here's a video of how this tutorial is done:

Yes. This is a video and hopefully it helps you very much. Now the screenshots I took is the new versio of .

But it doesn't matter. That one is the old one. So ummm... WE HAVE A VIDEO!!! YAY :D

Ya so this tutorial is by PinnacleTech. Thanks to him, he has helped me to shorten URLs.

So ummm...okay so have fun shortening and URLs and see you guys next time. (; --->wrink eye

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