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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon DVD release

Aw shit...the DVDs have totally come out of the house now. They're now released. And ummm...I'm not really sure if I'm gonna get it.

But I do wish I did cuz...the box looks freaking awesome. Of course I also want the :D

I dunno it has been quite a long time since I already have my time of excitement for the DVD weeks ago. Now it's all just bore bore bore. 

I lose it already but I still ain't got the lost of the eagerness to get it. I do hope I really get it. Mom said I have to pass my exams first then can I have the DVD for myself.

I dunno maybe my uncle does. If I ever meet him...we often don't go to our uncle's house or anywhere to meet him cuz' we just put him far into our background. 

It's not that we don't want him to be with us it's just that we dunno what we can do with him. And besides, he's my dad's brother.

Of course. But who cares, really. And yet I've submitted two arts of me thinking about the DVD on deviantART.

Here are the two of on any of it to go to the art page...  Yeah they look freaking awesome don't they. I like how the WORRIES title looks like. And I know, I'm being weird. A person who comments on his own art that he made it himself.

Yes I did this, obviously. "I WANT IT!" was the first one and "WORRIES" is the second one. I dunno maybe the third(final) one will be either me holding up the DVD box with two hands showing the pride of it...

And the other is just me walking away from the DVD store sad and empty-handed. I wasn't obviously wanting to hear this so I rather be holding the DVD box up high.

I'm even listening to my blog theme now. It's actually old and I put this theme on my blog before Sentinel Prime's theme. 

So that yeah, it's quite old. However I'm having problem entering my PollDaddy account.

It has a bad connection. I know, sucks right? Stupid laptop(didn't mean it). 

Without that I can't put a polldaddy poll on that gadget. Now the gadget is nothing but a box that says...
And yes, I wrote that. The part where I said "Or later D:" was what I continued today.

Cuz' I still can't get that site to be connected. If only my PC's mouse has batteries.

Yeah my PC has a wireless mouse. And it needs triple A batteries for it's bloodline. Damn it. And yet these batteries went dead after a few weeks.

Stupid huh? Or sucks. I dunno can batteries end up so fast? They're suppose to end up like  after a few months. Why weeks? D:

Idiot >:(

Anyways this is what the DVD looks like...
This is only the front part of it. I know.

Looks awesome though. It looks nice even though Optimus is kneeling.

There's one poster that shows both the DVD and the Blu-Ray box. Here's it...
I actually like the DVD box more than the Blu-Ray one is. Cuz' as you can see, it's much bigger than the Blu-Ray case and nice to hold it.

The Blu-Ray is much smaller and thinner which I only love the thin part. Cuz' the DVD is huge in height and width and smaller in width than the Blu-Ray that it just became awesome.

In my opinion that is. Holy sh** and gotta tell you the menu sucks...not to offend but it maybe the first one that's released. Hopefully.

I wish they could change the menu into something much more of one thing that I expected. I wanted Sentinel to be red as he is in the title sequence. 

And the role into the menu. I wished it the camera move around Cybertron's surface and hologram pops up everywhere it goes. 

Oh like a screen on a tower of Cybertron...a hologram device on the surface. Anything? I would want that.

This is what it looks like now...  Yeah I know...suckish right. It's just a giant screen on top with Cybertron on it's background.

And the menu is just cheap. Just a thin blue outline with three buttons. 

Play, Set Up, Scene Selection. I know, cheap right? Or maybe it's just a pirated DVD. I hope so. 

Cuz' if it's official...I'm gonna hate it. Look at Transformers 1&2. They look awesome... Yep they look awesome don't they? :D

Well anyways, I hope you remember to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)