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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog announcement and Transformers Prime update

You guys have recently read my trip post about me going to Shenzhen. I don't even know if I already told you where I'm going but yeah, I'm going to China from tomorrow at 6pm. Or 7. 

And I would be posting some new posts as my mom brings her laptop over. We're gonna sleep in an apartment that my dad rented. 

So yes, I may or may not talk to you  guys during the trip. But one sad news is I cannot have access to facebook.

Well I can but China doesn't allow facebook, it's against their laws and I dunno why the heck they would set this law up.

It's just not being fair at all. What does facebook have anything to do with laws? It's just one of the social media websites.

It's nothing that bad. Stupid china law. No facebook. 
Yeah you see this? It's a total piece of crap.

I hate it that we don't get to use facebook. Even my mom agrees, she wanted to go facebook because of her Pet Society.

So that's just not fair. The other thing is I dunno if the toilet is clean. Usually toilets should be clean and I think Dad knows what clean means.

But I think it's alright. Cuz' we're sleeping in the city. City apartments shouldn't be that dirty.

I think Shenzhen is not that bad. Look at this overview:
It shouldn't be that bad I guess. And the airport? I think it's awesome. 

Hold on, let me get a screenshot of it. And wow! Look at this, the airport looks awesome.

It looks kind of like Dubai's airport. Here it is:
It's awesome. Like as if it looks like the bird nest stadium.
And doesn't look bad at all. I don't even know why this guys are sitting on the conveyor handers. And walking backwards.

The waiting lounges don't look too bad, they look normal. Nice place though. But because this video has a poor sense of brightness...

It doesn't look good in this video. But yeah, I'll be going there so hopefully, it'll be brighter :)

And also this is what it's like when the plane descends for Shenzhen.
Yeah it doesn't really look like anything to me either. Just a couple of farms passing by. By I hope the airport is really busy.

So that there'll be a lot of planes :D

Ow, another video of Shenzhen airport:
So yeah, I don't think it'll be too bad. But we will arrive there at NIGHT. So it's gonna look quite different when we get there. 

But anyways, yeah. So I'm not gonna post stuff nearly every day during this entire trip. 

Oh yeah and I got an update for the Transformers Prime review. Here's an intro that is truly epic:
Yeah I like the part where they like drive on the highway and then Optimus was behind and he transformed and very soon, the other Autobots transformed and formed like a team.

This part starts from 0:00 to 0:14 It was epic! Wait, I've just said that twice D:

Nevermind :)

Then from 0:26 to 0:38 Oh yeah...truly epic. Awesome. It's like oh...the Decepticons are stealing more dark energon. 

We gotta start them. Then a brutal war goes between the autobots and the decepticons. And I dunno why Megatron is just walking slowly and shooting his fusion cannon.

I'm not gonna say he's a slow's just the trailer that is. I dunno. And I gotta say this, seriously, I dunno why Starscream just transformed and try to shoot missiles at them.

Really? Who does he think he is? Second in command? Well yes, he is. But he's not the lord, he can't do that.

Only Megatron is the lord of the decepticons. It happened from 0:27 to 0:32. I dunno but yeah I like the last part where Optimus and Megatron were running towards each other...

And they like use their mighty fist and punch! Yeah! It was the very same thing as the War For Cybertron trailer at the end. 

It's okay. I don't mind if it's always Optimus and Megatron at the end that is when they're about to hit each other.

I don't mind, I just mind what makes this intro have the power of pure awesomeness :D

And notice the arms lighten up orange-yellow when they punched each other. Yeah! That's awesome. I dunno, but watching the intro kind of remind me of the Animated Series.

Not Prime series, Animated series. Well yeah, TF Prime is animated but I'm talking about TF Animated. 

TF Prime is sooo much better than TF Animated. 

So yeah, I hope to see you guys and I'll be packing my luggage soon. I dunno, now I don't feel like leaving this blog ):

Ah it's okay. I'll be leaving at 6/7pm tomorrow. Don't worry. I maybe writing a new post before I go. 

I don't even know if Mom has a plan for tomorrow before we got to the airport. And today we didn't swim at my cousin's house ): 

I request Mom a few days ago if we can swim at their house before we go, but it was too late though ):

Never had the chance to show my cousin a funny video by smosh D:

But anyways, I hope I am able to take either pictures or record a video. Don't wanna miss the journey in the plane :)

So if you haven't seen my first actual announcement...
Like I've said once before, I'll be sitting on a Tiger Airways A320-232.

Here's a screenshot ):<

Nah I'm just kidding. I'm not actually angry.

I'm just trying to be funny. don't think that is funny? Oh oh, okay ):

Anyways yeah I hope to see you real soon and thanks for 10,481 viewers. Never had this much viewers but anyway, thanks for this so yeah, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

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