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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I think of my blog so far...

What I think about my blog so far? Hmm... let me answer that question. Awesome! Now, normally I don't write post like this.

But now I just wanna review my blog. I dunno if anyone has reviewed their very own blog before. But if there is, then okay. At least I'm not the first one.

If there isn't, well, then I'll be that first one. Now, you guys have seen the upgrades of my blog. And yes, I know, it's awesome.

Yes. For those of you who didn't know where the music was coming from, it's coming from to right sidebar. At the top of it.

Yes. There's a small YouTube player there. I minimized the size so that it could fit perfectly. And among all blogs, I think I'm the only one which has a blog theme.

Which is used HTML/Javascript to put the video there. And sometimes when the music ends, you hear it replay, again.

Now the reason why is that because I put an autoplay and a replay code.
I'll teach you how to when I'm done with this post ;)

And yes, I winked.

It's just a good thing that Blogger has the HTML/Javascript tool. So I could use that as for anything I want.

Just that of course, it needs a code in order to activate. If you type text rather than codes, the gadget will just appear as text.

Now. As some of you who saw my "Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade- I Remember" post... that I've put the music right there. To see it, click on this image:
 I know man, it's awesome. Anyways, let's talk about other things. The font you see mostly on this blog is "Slackey". That font can be found here

I actually think it looks awesome. Or nice. Or whatever. And the blog post text, for most of you already know, it's Verdana. This text is being bold.

Ya. But I don't have to search that font for you. This font has already been installed to every program on the internet that has text tools.

So yes, a download is unnecessary. Unnecessary means need. You can go to to find out what it means.

Just type in "Necessary" or "Unnecessary". To find out in the search bar above.

Oh so. Ummm...ya, my blog is okay. Nice contact list you see above and everything...ya.

It's nothing to say much tough, the blog is just perfect.

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