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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bluray program needs

You know, sometimes I dunno why Blu-Ray company doesn't wanna make a program for everyone. So that they dun have to go to stores and buy it. 

Well it's not because we're lazy, it's because of the money. By buying the disks, we're just wasting money. Real money, of course.

Why can't there be a program like Funshion? Why won't Blu-Ray do that like Funshion. Then you can watch movies for free.

But uhhhh, if you guys can find one program that allows you to watch movies without going online and then download... then give me a link. 

Make sure it works like Funshion. Just that all the movies they have are in 1080p. p stands for pixels. And have amazing video and audio qualities. 

Just wish Blu-Ray created this program sooner. Why didn't they think of it? I mean cmon! They're successful in their stunning editing quality they change to all the movies.

I dunno but, I dun even have a blu-ray player. I bet the player is like 2 hundred or something. I dunno, you can go find it with SONY. Sony helps and they also sell blu-ray players.

Okay well, nice talking to you. Just put some links in the comment section and I hope to see you soon. Comment, share and get more viewers!!!CYA!

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