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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TRON Legacy post

I hope today, I'll have the chance to go watch TRON:Legacy in 3D digital. It's so awesome, I really like how light it is. You know, digital light?Look I dunno okay? But I just hope that today is a day when I watch...TRON LEGACY! It's so awesome, so much better than the TRON series in 1984. Ha! But I dunno if Dad will bring me go watch TRON LEGACY today. Can't wait. 

It's so awesome. Oh my god, I dunno how many times I've said that. Heh heh. I do wish you guys understand how excited I am. 

I know, I haven't even watched the film but like I said, I can't WAIT!!!

If you guys wanna visit the official site, click here .  

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