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Monday, November 29, 2010

Me drawing guns this days

I've started drawing guns that are created in CS:Source. And I love that game. I finished drawing the pistols and the shotguns. I'm now still working on my MAC 11 SMG(Sub-Machine Gun). I had to say, I'm really good at this. I drew like every detail I could see with my very OWN eyes. 

I'm not sure when I'm done, I should scan it on a machine and put the pic up the computer. 

You know, the shotguns I drew...they dun really fit the whole paper in a vertical angle. It really sucks though, sorry. Anyways, me drawing them takes a few minutes rather than a day or whatever. 

They still look detailing and is a wow. I had to just draw the outlines and things covering the gun or whatever. Whatever, you've seen what guns look like in CS:S. 

And in military, stuff. 

I had to avoid my dad from using my computer to look at the picture to copy-draw the gun. Hmm! Good thing he didn't disturb when I'm doing it. 

So good luck with this...

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