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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Now let me just start off by saying! THIS IS THE BEST GARGANTUAN MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN! I've been waiting for this movie for more than a month!

Ever since the VERY VERY teaser arrived on the internet. I've been pulled into this film for very long. It's like I use my legs to walk to this film. Walking for miles and miles until I finally reached it!


Aw man I love this film and yes! Mega spoilers ahead! Please just go watch the movie before you read this. This review of mine is not worth for those who don't give a shit about spoilers. You people! Please just watch!

Man I'm just so pumped for this film. I felt like my gigantic tank of excitement serum is about to multiple itself making more of the serum until the tank bursts!

Aw goodness YES!!! And to those haters out there, screw you cause there's just something not right about you. I can get quite a few friends in my school that thinks Pacific Rim suck.

All that happened yesterday. And you know what? Screw them, they're just infecting me with their hatred remarks. Giving me so many derogatory attitudes! 

Yeah I got that word from Star Trek Into Darkness. Pfft...that's my second best film. So yes! Pacific Rim does make it on top of the list of my BEST MOVIES IN 2013.

I watched Pacific Rim and this was my big day. My BIG DAY! It's finally hitting in the theaters and I'm so pumped to watch it. I literally prepared for this film.

I make a large plan to make this movie feel the best of the best. To experience it GOOD! Should I get onto what I did to prepare this AWESOME film? Okay.

Retrieve this archived document to read it -> Download preparation.rar

I can't be bothered to type it here cause I'll just waste something that makes this review even longer.

So now to start the movie. As I was watching it there were like a group of four college students sitting beside me. I'm still in high school though, pfft :P

And there was kid on my left with his older brother, I assumed. And at some parts, usually the ones of the movie that is epic or at the least, interesting.

I will tend to look at their faces to see their reaction. To be honest, when it comes to a film like this, I care about other people's reactions. I wanna see if it blows their mind. Not literally.

And you know, when I screech everytime I think about watching Pacific Rim. Usually the before the day I watch the movie. I was screech as I'm so excited for this film.

To be honest, I really felt like a kid again. Guillermo really did exceedingly well done job. Okay, now to get onto the plot of this movie.

The movie starts out as Raleigh the main character played by Charlie Hunnam. Narrates how he dreamt of what life is like out there in the stars.

He tells us that he was looking in the wrong direction. So now we got what we want. There was a portal between our world and theirs. The world of Kaijus. 

The first Kaiju took place in San Francisco. Where it attacked the golden gate bridge. And destroying most of it's body. This Kaiju was yes, the very first to start ruining the life of humanity. 

This Kaiju is named after the city it attacked. Sydney. Also known as Bladehead.

This Kaiju has it's mouth above it's eyes which are placed on the side of it's head. This Kaiju was the first level. Bladehead had not yet defeated any Jaegars. 

Instead continued attacking Australia. Military and air defences proved useless to bring down this giant beast. They needed a new weapon. 

Then the Jaegar program, is BORN! The division named Pan Pacific Defense Corps built massive mecha 250 feet tall gargantuan robots that are controlled simultaneously by two pilots.

The idea that one person could control an entire robot proved too much for a single pilot as it strains severly. Causing distorted eye pupils and nosebleed.

Then a new tool was implemented. Left hemisphere, right hemisphere. Pilot control. Two pilots locked onto a neural bridge.

Where they share their memories. Bond their minds, and fight better with a deeper bonding. One pilot controls the left, the other controls the right. 

To control this robot, they both had will be remotely controlled. Whatever and however they move, will affect the movements of the Jaegar.

All this is called "The Drift". 

Now that we know what the Jaegar program can do. Let's move onto more of the story. The story continues as Raleigh and Yancy, the two pilots of Gypsy Danger the Jaegar.

Straps onto the armor. Which was so cool by the way. The spine thing that attaches to the back of their suits, wow.

Maintain great posture when fighting robots. It's crazy in the cockpit of a Jaegar. It looks like a giant metal centipede or something.

After everything is ready for departure out towards the sea. Gypsy Danger roams through the ocean searching for the Kaiju that has recently reached Earth through the portal.

This Kaiju is Category 3. It is named Knifehead because of it's long brittled sharp sword shaped head.

This Kaiju confronted Gypsy Danger as it tries to save a crew on a boat of fishermen. And knocks the Knifehead out. But it was not dead yet.

Apparently Gypsy Danger failed to acknowledge it's death properly. As there was still pulse in the creature's body.

The Kaiju charges up towards Gypsy Danger. Gypsy Danger starts charging it's Flashcaster which is a weapon which shoots powerful beams. But it's disadvantage is that it takes a really long time to charge itself in order to give a powerful blast.

Gypsy Danger soon failed to defend it self against the Kaiju and result itself in a brutal displacement. The Knifehead Kaiju ripped the Jaegar's left arm off, also damaging the left shoulder.

The Kaiju soon breached a hole through the head of Gypsy Danger, where Yancy and Raleigh are piloting the Jaegar.

The Kaiju pulled Raleigh's co-pilot and brother out of the cockpit. Apparently it threw Yancy kilometers away or eaten by the Kaiju. 

Raleigh being helpless in his own stand in the cockpit. Yet when time runs fast, luckily Knifehead refused to do more largely proportioned damages and leaves Gipsy Danger as it assumes it'll not be functional afterwards.

Raleigh being alone inside the cockpit, walks the Jaegar to surface where it collapses on the seaside of a snowy island.

There were two civilians scouting out for metal materials. They witness the Gyspy Danger approaching them and collapsing it's weak body.

And man I love that scene. I mean, it's not that I'm happy that Yancy died. Of course not, I meant that I love the whale sounds it produces as it collapses and falls the ground of the seaside.

Raleigh sustained injury and soon faints. Gypsy Danger apparently was later brought back to the shatterdome at PPDC for major repairs and replacements.

Raleigh resigned his position and becomes a construction worker at the Anti-Kaiju Wall. Raleigh had to hold his pain due to the fact that he lost his brother in cold blood.

Yeah it really sucks, Yancy is gone :(

Oh yeah and there's also a scene of the Jaegar collapsing at the seaside of the snowy island, here! :D

 Actually there was a part they edited out. The kid with this grandpa is with found a metal toy. Eh, but it's just a featurette with a clip so, eh, it doesn't matter :P

Yeah so after 5 years of retirement, Stacker, his commanding officer arrives at the Anti-Kaiju Wall to recruit back Raleigh.

And they've moved to Hong Kong. Yes all the Jaegars and the shatterdomes have been moved to Hong Kong.

Raleigh soon finds out that Gypsy Danger has been recovered from the freezing temperatures of the snowy island it reached to.

This time, Gypsy Danger was not only repaired but replaced with enhanced weaponary. Now it has a  nuclear vortex turbine. This turbine is basically

Iron Man's RT. Gypsy Danger's vortex turbine projects a powerful heating ray that destroy anything in it's line of pulse. 

And apparently this Jaegar is also equipped with a chain sword. Basically it's a waving loose sword that when strengthened, becomes hard and straight like a normal sword.

The Jaegar still has it's old Flashcaster weapon. Raleigh was later in a competition to fight some Jaegar pilots. To test whether he still has his martial art skills.

And to be proven good enough, Raleigh defeated all the pilots that was given to him. And of course, the pilots knew how to fight obviously.

But they were no match for Raleigh. Raleigh then requests to fight Mako Mori who is the techology expert in the PPDC. And here's the fight scene...

 Mako Mori was born from Tanegashima of Japan. She loved her parents just like they loved her. Their lives lived on until the Onibaba attack where a Kaiju has started rampaging the city Onibaba in Tokyo.

That Kaiju is also named after the city it attacked. This Kaiju is called Onibaba.

As you can the Onibaba Kaiju is a crab, lobster-like Kaiju. It basically has a face that is like a crab's shell, lobster legs and claws. And has two horns.

It not only attacked Tokyo but also ravaged it's way to Mako's hometown. Or city. I dunno :P

Mako was torn. Left alone. The only girl walking the roads of Tanegashima city. Crying out to see her parents.

Jet planes flew across her as they attack the Onibaba Kaiju. Onibaba destroyed those jets, and spotted Mako. The only human roaming around the city of Tanegashima. 

Jeez...I don't even know if this city of Japan's does exist. Probably. I don't really study Geography that much.

Mako managed to go into a corner. Hiding from the Kaiju. But before the Onibaba could push itself through the alley, a Jaegar arrived and defeated the Onibaba. 

And yeah, this Jaegar, at first I thought was Striker Eureka. But it was actually this japanese Jaegar named Coyote Tango. 

That's when she found out she was saved by Stacker. The pilot in that mech. All this was told through Mako's first drift with Raleigh. 

And because Raleigh had suffered a faith due to the reason of his lost brother, it made Mako drift towards the moment where she was attacked by the Onibaba and saved by Stacker.

Yeah that scene. It's as if Stacker's like a god or something to Mako. Lol XD 

So Raleigh requested Mako to join him in the fight against the Kaijus as she felt the need the avenge her parents. To terminate these Kaijus for what she'd believe they've done to her family.

So Mako made it to the cockpit of Gypsy Danger after it has been repaired. Mako and Raleigh stepped into the machine and drift.

And yeah :\ That's when we found the past of Mako and that Raleigh was in there to see it. Mako didn't realise that when she lifted her left arm, she deployed the Flashcaster.

While still being in the shatterdome with full of PPDC people. Raleigh tried his best to relieve Mako by telling her it's all a dream. Even though she still couldn't help herself.

She later was able to control herself as she almost discharge a pulse from the Flashcaster. Lowers her arm and the Flashcaster goes back into the arm.

The first Gypsy Danger mission with Mako and Raleigh was cancelled later on. And pretty much everyone in PPDC kinda hates them right now.

They almost got killed but of course, did not in the end.

And yes indeed, the fight scene between Raleigh and Chuck was freaking brutal. Well I don't mean brutal as in there's flesh or anything.

Course not. I mean when they fight, every punch, hit and kicks, pushes...everything! All because Raleigh warns Chuck to piss off. Taking the blame that all that happened because of Mako.

Chuck wouldn't bother to see it as an accident so that's why he refused to accept Raleigh's offer and got into a fight. 

And in case you're wondering, Chuck is the son of Herc. These two pilot the Striker Eureka Jaegar. Which succesfully defeated the Bladehead by giving it powerful blows of punching. Uppercuts and everything.

Of course even after a few powerful blows wouldn't take a Kaiju down. So to finish it off, Striker deploys it's eight missile launchers and fires at the Kaiju. The Kaiju dies and the city is safe.

Mako was still teamed up with Raleigh anyways. But the two of them are grounded as well as Gypsy Danger is. Temporarily.

Then Stacker sent three other Jaegars to fend off the two Kaijus that had arrived. These two Jaegars were the russian Jaegar, Cherno Alpha...

And along with the chinese Jaegar, Crimson Typhoon. Which is controlled by three pilots instead of two. Where one of them is a gunner pilot.


Not sure, we didn't really get to know much about that Jaegar and it's pilots. And they also sent Striker.
 Yeah this Jaegar has double-bladed swords too :D

Striker was ordered to standby position as to let the two other Jaegars do the work. I forgot why but there's obviously a reason they were ordered to do so by Stacker.

However the two Jaegars failed as the two Kaijus, the Leatherback which is a Kaiju that is portrayed with a body of a gorilla, also relating to the way it moves on land. And Otachi. A dragon, reptilian-like Kaiju.

Here's a picture of the Leatherback...

Oh yes and it also has turtle structered plates mounted on it's shoulders, forehead and collar area.

This Kaiju as mentioned, was based on the leatherback turtle. Due to it's similarity of skin material.

And the Otachi...

It's wings are hidden inside it's back when not in use. 

Otachi and the Leatherback attack the Cherno Alpha. One ripping an arm off, the other using it's large arms to smash on top of the Cherno Alpha's enormous head.

Make it smaller though, lol XD

After some damage, Leatherback leave the rest of the damaging to Otachi at first.

Otachi has the ability to produce blue glowing acid. Which was thrown onto Cherno Alpha's head, corroding it. Eating off large proportions of the head.

However the acid was only able to consume a quarter of the head. Afterwards, the Leatherback again jumps onto the back of the Jaegar and helps the Otachi as the two Kaiju brutally murders the Jaegar. 

Ripping one of the arm off. Having the Striker Jaegar to no longer standby, it disobeyed orders and departs to the fighting deathmatch.

Even the most agile Australian Jaegar proved unable to reach there in time to save Cherno as Leatherback continues destroying the russian Jaegar.

The Leatherback is so beastly strong that it pushes the Jaegar underwater. Due to the fact that it's head it's heavily damaged causing breaches and water soon fills the cockpit of the Jaegar. Making it extremely difficult for the pilots to move.

The Leatherback finishes it by crushing the cockpit somehow and Cherno Alpha exploded underwater through debris. 

The Crimson Typhoon along failed to prevail defeat as it battle the Otachi. The Otachi managed to grab hold of the chinese Jaegar's spinning blades and crippling it.

However Crimson was able to hop it's way above the Kaiju and to it's rear. Where the Jaegar uses it's hands to grab the spinal cord of Otachi. Crushing it. 

Crimson then lifts Otachi above it's head and tossing it to Cherno. But the Wei triplets who controls their Jaegar had so much ego that they failed to see Otachi's spanned tail coming as it slashed across them.

Otachi quickly grabs the head of the chinese Jaegar and crushes it and rip it right off the body of Crimson Typhoon. Resulting in the demise of the triplets.

Two Jaegars along with the lives of five had fallen into casualties. Dead and now it's up to Striker's turn to face these monstrosity.

The australian Jaegar faced Otachi with the Leatherback meters behind the Jaegar. Before the Jaegar could successfully finish Otachi with it's eight missile launchers, Leatherback had it's organic EMP that transmits power EMP waves that disables the Jaegar's functionality.

With the Striker totally disabled and powered down, Otachi leaves the Jaegar behind as I guess, it's smart enough to find that there's no point finishing it.

Or simply because it wants to go for a buffet so it attacks Hong Kong's city. The place they were fighting at.

Leaving the responsibilities to the Leatherback to see what it can do to the disabled Jaegar. The Leatherback however refused to attack.

Instead, walks around Striker getting ready whenever the Jaegar enables itself back online. Herc and Chuck then exited the cockpit and exit the Jaegar standing on top of it's slouching shoulder.

Catching the attention of the Kaiju, and the Leatherback is like "What the heck do you want?".

And I dunno if it was either Chuck or Herc. But I guess Chuck was the one that fired a flare into one of the Leatherback's multiple eyes.

Pissed it off but before it could slam the Jaegar with it's large beastly arms, Gypsy Danger was allowed to bypass orders and gets into the battlefield. Or...battle, ocean! Haha! Get it? Battleocean?

Cause it's not even on land...haha...nevermind -_-

Gypsy Danger intercepts the Kaiju and rips it's EMP organ out. And yeah I was wondering throughout the rest of the film of why the Kaiju couldn't just use the same method to disable Gypsy. 

Turns out that it has it's EMP organ ripped out and tossed miles away by Gypsy. Making the Leatherback feel more rage, like Striker, the Kaiju carries Gypsy Danger and tosses it to land instead of water.

Gypsy Danger however manages to withstand and makes itself stand it's ground. And yeah the fighting scene between Gypsy and the Leatherback is already shown on the internet. Right after it went above that bridge and onto the ship cargo area below the bridges.

Yes, it's the Elbow Rocket scene. 

Here 8D

 Yes I think some of us had already seen this scene. Basically the Leatherback surfaced from the ocean, onto land.

Roars. And yeah, it was that. After that Kaiju roared, Gypsy Danger makes this robot noise like I don't even know what kind of noise that is. And if you notice hard enough, you can see two flaps on it's upper chest clipping in. 

And that's just How It's DONE! Son!

So the Kaiju starts running on it's knuckles like a gorilla. And I felt like it doesn't really use it's legs. I feels that way. You gotta be observant to see that happening.

Then Gypsy charges towards Leatherback and then flies and lands with it's fists which gave a powerful smash to the Leatherback's face.

The Jaegar then hold Leatherback's forehead plate. Jabs it's face, but it was more like a cross punch though. I can't really differentiate. 

And then uppercuts. And yes, Elbow Rocket punch. Raising the elbow, and punching downwards towards the face still.

Due to the powerful blow that Gypsy delivered, it makes the Kaiju fall to it's left side. Leatherback then spots a crane, detaches it from it's stand.

And whacks the Jaegar with it. Gypsy also falls to it's rear but manages to quickly pick up some cargo ship containers and use them to slam one side of the Kaiju's head.

Soon smashes the containers against the Kaiju. But it still manages to not feel a thing.

Okay, then what happened later on after Gypsy smashes containers onto the head of the Kaiju, is the Leatherback stands up and pushes the Jaegar with it's hands and some of it's body weight.

The Jaegar was however able to deploy it's Flashcaster as it continues releasing charges of it's beams internally onto the abdomen of the Kaiju.

Leatherback however needed to take some more that before it could go down. Gypsy Danger succesfully exterminated Leatherback the Kaiju. 

Confirmed as dead. But Otachi was still left destroying the city. Finding one of PPDC's research team which only populated up to the minds of two.

That's right, Charlie Day :) The actor who voiced Art in Monsters University. In this movie, he is an enthusiastic scientist who's continuing his research on the Kaijus alongside with Hermann Gottlieb. Who is played by Burn Gorman.

Oh yeah and Charlie's character is Newton Geiszler. Newton :) Now I gotta be honest with all of you, Guillermo or the person who casts the actors to do the role has a big knowledge of making the names for each character.

Like Stacker, Mako, Raleigh, Yancy...

I mean all these names are quite rare. They're not very common. Actually, count Mako out cause it's more of another category.

It's an japanese name (not racist) and it's an easy name to come up with. It's only four letters in each word.

Also Chuck, anyone could come up with Chuck. Look! I dunno okay? But I'm just glad the names are spelled or sound a little complicated.

I felt that that just gives more to the character. I'm quite particular about that. Names :D It may probably look easy to the casting producers.

Okay okay! Back to the plot.

So the Kaijus are attacking Hong Kong because Mr. Newton here drifted his mind with the Kaijus. And now the Kaiju has come to search him.

And destroying anything in it's path in the process. Newton hides in a shelter along with other Hong Kong citizens. But the underground shelter was only below a road between the buildings of the city.

Apparently, Otachi sensed that Newton was directly below his feet. The Kaiju tears through and consumed some chunks (probably takes a shit later, lol XD) and sticks out it's tentacle, flower-like tongue. 

So it appears that Otachi is actually a female. Oh, female.

Umm... -_- Nevermind.

And to be honest, that tongue there is kind pornographic. Which works for me, I have no problem with that. 

You can relate that somehow to anime. Cause anime has some fetishes and some perverted moments. I dunno, maybe if you've seen those anime that also had giant monsters in it.

Then there it was that moment...Gypsy takes a freight ship on it's hand and it slowly drags the ship on the road. Lifts it and slams the ship to Otachi's FACE! :D

This scene was also shown on YouTube. Right here...

If I'm not wrong I think after that hit at the end of this clip. Gypsy smacks it again. Otachi however smacks the ship off Gypsy's hands.

But it misses when it shoots another ball of blue glowing acid. Hits a building. Feels kinda like a cliche though.

The main hero always let the bad guy miss. I dunno, is that a cliche? If not, please let me know. 

Gypsy gets a glimpse the part of a building being burned by an alien gooey acid. Otachi then smacks Gypsy back like as if she's saying "How dare you!?".

Later Otachi jumps onto the Jaegar's chest while still on lying down position. And then deploys her wings and carries Gypsy Danger up.

Slams the Jaegar against some buildings, on top of one building even. Maybe two, I dunno :P
Later Otachi lifts Gypsy Danger up into space where she could still breath. Raleigh notes Mako that they had no more weapons to use.

But he didn't know that Gypsy, ever since it's arms had been replaced and repaired. There was a chain sword added.

Basically it's a very loose chain of sword but when strengthened, it becomes hard and sharp. Like a normal sword. 

With this engaged, Gypsy Danger slices off Otachi's neck while it's still lifting the Jaegar.

Otachi lets go obviously because Gypsy just killed her. Gypsy then goes through Earth's atmosphere but manages to land properly on Earth's surface. And created a powerful wave due to the height that Gypsy was dropped from. 

Gypsy succesfully saved Hong Kong as the two Kaijus have been wiped out. Meanwhile, while Newton was still needing to get a Kaiju brain from Hannibel, he was lucky.

As the pieces of Otachi's body and head landed onto somewhere outside the city, policemen or maybe some other people. I dunno what they're doing there.

Or who they are even. Hannibel also sent his team to enter the internals of Otachi. However it was discovered that this Kaiju is pregnant.

A newborn Kaiju emerged from Otachi's womb and kills the team that was sent into Otachi's body.

The newborn Kaiju then emerges again out of the mother's womb. Yes, the mama is Otachi.

Okay let's just call the newborn Kaiju...Otachi-chan :D

Yes, that's japanese. And no it doesn't mean junior if you're wondering. 

Otachi-chan tries to attack Newton but it just doesn't know how to use it's leg to walk. So it uses it's hands instead.

When that thing happened, I felt like these Kaijus. Like once they're born a monster, always a monster. That's their motive. 

It turns out that the motives of all these Kaijus is they go around any worlds that has life and ruin civilization. That's like their everyday mission. 

But somehow I dunno why Kaiju-chan just passes out. Hannibel got eaten though. Maybe Kaiju-chan is controlled by Newton or something. Without Newton even realising it.

Or maybe it thinks Newton is a mini Kaiju or something. I dunno okay? Oh okay, yeah I just went to google it.

It says that Otachi-chan had his umbilical cord wrapped around it's neck. The Kaiju choked itself. But moments before it dies, it wakes up and swallowed Hannibel when he goes closer to Otachi-chan.

But he didn't die? How? I'll get to that later in the end of this review. 

Then Newton and Hermann merges the Drift with Otachi-chan. And learned about the portal connection between the world of ours and theirs.

Back at the PPDC, it was decided that they were going to end this monstrosity from carrying on. The two Jaegars assemble as they are carried by choppers to the area near the portal breach in the ocean.

They implemented the use of a russian nuclear device. Apparently it's radioactive. Cause it has the hazardous symbol painted on it.

Striker was the one carrying it. But due to Herc's injury, he cannot pilot the Striker as to result to stay in the PPDC shatterdome. So Stacker takes over.

Chuck and Stacker teams up and enters the Striker Eureka. After heading out to the ocean to arrive at the portal, Newton and Hermann were in a struggle and arrives at base and warns them that the nuclear device plan isn't gonna work.

As the nuclear device will not go all the way through as the portal only allows Kaijus to go through. With that said, they had to set the nuclear device to a Kaiju coding such that the portal may allow it to go through. 

However, a pack of Kaiju emerged from the portal and brutally attacks the Jaegars. Since the Kaijus work better underwater.

As on land, it's slightly harder for them to maneuver. Yet one of the Kaiju is the largest of them all. That's why it made to Category 5.

The most powerful and lethal Kaiju. Biggest among all in fact.

Hold on. Let me explain what happen before this Kaiju got out of the portal. As the pack of Kaiju attacks and cripples the two Jaegars. 

Striker Eureka has no choice but to sacrifice themselves by boosting up the accerleration of the nuclear device's countdown. Moments before detonation, Stacker and Chuck hold hands as it's been an honor serving each other.

Stacker then gives his last words to Mako who I forgot to mention, was Stacker's adopted daughter. Tells Mako that everything will be fine as Stacker was still be in Mako's drift.

Then finally the Striker holds the nuclear device tight. But before two Kaiju could reach Striker to continue destroying it in a duo, the device detonates and destroys the pack of Kaiju. 

Gypsy however survived the impact of the blast. But just as they thought it's over, the largest Kaiju of their species, Kaiju Category 5, Slattern. 

Arrives at the scene and attacks Gipsy Danger from collecting a corpse of the Kaiju named Raiju.

This is basically just a more dinosaur-like Kaiju. It has an armored skin like a armadillo's shelled skin. It's suppose to resemble an Iguana.

It's dead now. Gypsy was gonna collect it's corpse. They're probably gonna take it back for more research or something. 

I'm not really sure. Stacker is pretty much dead. Anyways, Slattern emerges and intercepts Gipsy.

Attacking it. Gipsy fights back but proved that it'll be difficult to combat this gigantic-sized termed Kaiju. They tackled and both of them fell into the active portal.

And Gipsy also has a crippled leg along with it's remaining arm. Gipsy lost it's one arm twice. One at the beginning of the film and this one.

As to final moments, Gipsy Danger charges and shoots out their nuclear turbine with a powerful heating ray that ripped through the chest of the Kaiju.

Destroying the Kaiju's internal organs as a result of death. Gypsy holds onto Slattern the largest Kaiju of their species. 

Through the portal and into the world of Kaijus. Knowing that the Kaiju are clones with extremely different abilities and sizes and structured bodies.

The Kaiju commanders witness Gypsy Danger hovering through their world. As Mako's oxygen supply has been damaged due to the Slattern attack, Raleigh transferred his oxygen to hers.

Moments before Gypsy Danger is completely unstabilized making it's to self-destruct in a matter of minutes.

Raleigh brings Mako to her escape pod. And the pod flies back up to Earth. Raleigh engaged the self-detonation sequence. Gets into his pod and follows Mako along the way.

Gipsy Danger later detonates killing an entire civilization of Kaijus. As to end and assure no more returning of the Kaijus.

Later back on Earth, Mako's pod surfaced from the ocean. Moments later Raleigh's pod also surfaced. The pods usually pop open when they stop moving or so. 

I don't really fully understand the functions of an escape pod except for knowing it's a pod and that you escape in it.

Mako swam to Raleigh. Pops open his pod by using the lever outside his pod. And surely enough, Raleigh is alive. 

The lovebirds lean on each other's foreheads. And that's it! The end. Oh and then after the credits. There was one scene where Hannibel survived as he cuts his way out of Otachi-chan's stomach.

And he says :D "Where is my god damn shoot?". Not exactly sure what he meant by shoot. But it's good to know that he survived. 
And that's this movie. this is definitely an awesome film. I have to agree. The ending wasn't what I expected but it was worth getting.

Hey! I'll buy it. As I'm an anime lover, I'll buy it. I think most people will accept this ending. Overall this movie as I realise, it's not so bad after all :D

Before I went to this movie, I thought I was gonna be dissapointed due to the fact that I knew it's gonna end bad.

But it didn't as I love the ending. 

Even though the ending could've been better like when the device explodes in the portal. Destroying the portal. You know they could just change it's genetic code and throw it into the portal. Bye bye. Yay :D

And the giant mechs LIVE! But hey, I'm gonna go along with this ending. I had no problem about it. I'll accept this ending. But I guess the way I wanted it to end just seems to cheesy. So I guess it's better this way. The original ending.

I mean come on, if those two couples didn't survive, I would've been pissed but hey, they did survive so HOORAY!!! XD

So yeah I'm probably gonna watch this movie again with my cousins as I watched this alone so.

Plus I had a cousin who is pumped for this film. But well, I'll be honest, he's not as pumped as I was before I watched the film.

Overall I just really enjoy the action. I'm glad this movie has also a big plot in it. Some people may not realise that. They just knew the basic plot of it "Giant Mechs vs Giant Monsters".

That's all there is to some of them. Well you know what they should do, read the plot HERE 

There's a hundreds of words in this plot on Wikipedia.

This movie, I'm gonna buy it on DVD when comes out. Probably somewhere around January 2014? I dunno. That's really long.

I got school stuff to do and it's just really interrupting my fanboy stuff. Oh well. Hope the DVD releases on somewhere around November to December. Of this year obviously.

I really love this movie. Yeah I think I already said that. 

Man why do I feel like this review cannot stop? Oh yeah! Just so you know, if I do watch it again, there may or may not be an additional detail review where I basically only explain the parts I missed. Or slightly missed.

I'm just glad I stayed throughout the film though. Not like the last time I went to watch Star Trek Into Darkness.

Although I just hoped I got closer to the screen though. Bigger action. Oh yeah and when I was watching the movie, the soundtrack and sound effects were really loud that at some parts...

I had problem hearing the lines of what the characters have to say. It's kinda sad but I can already tell what they're saying so. Pfft :P

Oh yes :) Alright I'll end this review off with some movie clips and featurettes that I didn't put during the review. Also that I wanna show you people. Cause I just love PACIFIC RIM too much.

Here's the first featurette called the Drift...

And then there's the featurette about the Jaegars...
And the one on Kaiju...
You know, somehow I felt that these Kaijus are lethal. Like everytime I watch them fight, I felt like the Jaegars, need to do something quickly after they got fall down or something.

Like you gotta react fast you know. It does feel like these Kaijus are really dangerous and scary in a sense.

Alright last but not least, some more clips :D  Really love this film. Really wanna see it again.

Actually to be honest,  wanna watch it with my cousins first then my family if that's ever happening. Which I do not go so much on that.

So yeah :\

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this film. Of course you will. And don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.


And CHAO! >:D